How to Deal with Oily and Shiny Skin

I know I am not the only person who suffers from the following affliction: the heat and humidity rises and after 5 minutes outside your face is an oil slick.  Or you look at a photo of yourself and it is just shine, shine, and more shine.  Some people have this problem year round, others only during the summer.  ...more

Sun Protection for Your Lips

Back in February I wrote a post ab...more

Will Ferrell Sunscreen - I Kid You Not

I don’t even remember any more why I was looking at the Fred Flare website in the first place.  But as I was tooling around the site I came across what I thought at first was a joke: ...more

Body Acne

For many people acne is not just a problem on their face – they experience breakouts on their chest and back as well.   Of course, this can be as distressing as facial acne particularly as summer approaches and you want to wear a bathing suit or more revealing clothing. The above illustration does...more

Change Your Eyebrows - Change Your Life

Ok so the above title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I still think it is totally legitimate to say:  change your eyebrows – change your face!   A well-groomed and shaped eyebrow makes a tremendous difference in one’s appearance and is a ...more

I'm a huge believer in the 'power of good eyebrows'. Do you have any brow tips specifically for ...more

Sun Care for Your Baby and Child

  As parents we have an important responsibility to protect our children from all kinds of harm and that includes properly protecting our children from the sun.  I know there is a lot of confusion amongst parents about the proper way to...more

I got a Skin Cancer Screening - Here are all the Details

    PLUS –  a few things I learned about sunscreen during my visit to the dermatologist: I do th...more

Exfoliation for Your Body

As the weather warms up we are all starting to show more skin.  And wouldn’t you want that skin to look great?  One of the best ways to make skin look wonderful is to exfoliate on a regular basis. &nbs...more

Why You Need Your Sunscreen

When I saw this article – For Boomers, Sunblocks Come Late -  in ...more

Sunscreen Woes - The EWG Releases Its Annual Report on Sunscreens

I saw that another blogger already addressed this issue in a post on blogher but here in my take on the issue as well:   This week the Environmental Work Group, a non-profit watc...more