Pauline Campos

Pauline M. Campos is wife to The Husband, mother to “Buttercup,” and has decided that it’s time to make peace with her cellulite after moving to the desert from Michigan where it’s always construction season.


She spent the first two years of her daughter’s life wishing the pregnancy weight off before getting serious, joining a gym, hiring a nutritionist, and jumping into social media full-force with her blog and her twitter accounts (@pauline_campos and @aspiringmama) because she has an almost OCD-like tendency to multi-task while working on her writing projects.

Also? If you've seen her last nerve? She'd really like it back.

My Blogs

The Fifth Season

What do you mean it’s bikini season? Bikinis are a season? The commercials say it’s bikini season, and so do the clothing racks at Walmart ....more

#ChingonaFest Fridays: Sugar Jones

Welcome to WEEK 5 of #ChingonaFest Fridays on Aspiring Mama. How’s your Easter weekend so far? Mine currently involves trying to get ahead on my #Dimelo column for Latina so I can be slightly less crazy — for a minute, anyway — and possibly unpacking the suitcase from my trip to New York trip, which is still sitting in the middle of my living room ....more

The Steps Already Taken

It’s 2:05 a.m. and instead of forcing my brain to create something new and brilliant tonight, I thought I’d take the easy route and try reposting something from way back when. It’s not something I do often, but each time I’ve searched the archives — which date back to September 2009, by the way — I’ve found the experience to be something like the writer-equivalent to reminiscing with an old photo album. There are squeals — I forgot about that! ...more

That Time I Referred to Rick Najera as Motivational and Not an Asshole

So I traveled to New York to speak at Rick Najera’s #AlmostWhite NYC book tour stop and you bet your sweet ass I wasn’t leaving without picture proof that he knows who I am.Yes, I *know* he’s an actor and good at pretending. I take adderall and am good at forgetting. I think that makes us even ....more

#ChingonaFest Fridays: Helen Troncoso

Welcome to WEEK 4 of #ChingonaFest Fridays on Aspiring Mama. Technically, it’s week 5 because I missed last Friday due to the NYC craziness for Rick Najera’s #AlmostWhite book launch, but let’s not dawdle on the Me Dropping the Momentum Thing, shall we? I’ll be talking about all of THAT craziness on Monday ....more

#ChingonaFest Fridays: Lori Luna

Week THREE, Y’all! I’m keepig count because you should be impressed. I usually suck at anything that requires follow-through ....more

Rick Najera: Hollywood’s Best Kept Spanglish Secret

A few years ago, I had an idea for a book and a blog come to me while I was trying to fall asleep. Any writer will tell you that ideas are fleeting — and that sleep is optional– so I quietly slipped out of bed, tip-toed out of the room as to not wake the sleeping husband, and promptly grabbed my purse and my credit card before sitting down at the computer. I had URLs to buy, dammit ....more

Robin O’Bryant and Ketchup is a Vegetable: The Sequel

Robin O’Bryant Back in November of 2011, I had the honor of pimpin’ one of my favorite writer friend’s new self-published book to you guys. The writer was a sweet and sassy mom writer I had connected with (and fallen in LOVE with) on twitter named Robin O’Bryant and the book was none other than Ketchup is a Vegetable (And Other Lies Moms Tell Themselves). I shared a book excerpt and a hilarious interview here on Aspiring Mama and then I stood back, grabbed a pen, and took some notes as I watched Robin show the world how self-publishing should be done ....more

#ChingonaFest Fridays: Veronica Arreola

It’s week TWO for the Aspiring Mama #Chingonafest Fridays. Last week, Pili Montilla graced the blog as the first Chingona and it was fabulous. Today, the fabulous continues with proud feminist Veronica Arreola sitting in the hot seat ....more