Atena Danner-McPhaden

Atena Danner-McPhaden is an early childhood specialist in Chicago, IL.  She envisions a society where children are valued and their families are supported.  Atena’s objective is to advance her education and training to better serve children and families.  Her goal is to serve as a leader in the field of Early Care and Education, and support the people who shape the lives of children and families in Chicago, in the United States, and around the world.

Vivian Paley, 'The Boy on the Beach' @ 57th Street Books

Because I am essentially a big nerd, I envisioned that the 57th Street Bookstore would be teeming with early childhood enthusiasts.  I feared that if my friend and I arrived any later than 5:30 pm, we would have to squeeze through a standing-room-only crowd to get a decent vantage of the visiting author, and that I’d have to wait forever to get a book signed, if there were even any copies of the book left.  I am pleased to say that while the event was well-attended, my anxiety was unwarranted.  And it was a lovely time listening to Vivian Gussin Paley talk about child...more

Is Preschool Valuable? Get the facts! Some Useful Pre-K Research Resources…

John Holland of Inside Pre-K writes about 'Fueling the Pre-K Fire' and the effects of negative reports about preschool education.  According to Holland:...more

Writing about Early Childhood, (Re)introducing Myself to BlogHer

Why do I write about early childhood issues?  Because you have to start at the beginning....more

Mama, Mommy, Mom, Momma, etc...

I've been having this discussion with a friend of mine, and it's been kind of touched on in the earlier Grappling with Semantics, Grabbing the Power discussion: How do you feel about associating yourself with the term 'mommy?' ...more

It doesn't matter to me, as long as there isn't a sarcastic tone or a whiney tone or a fake tone ...more

Introducing Me, and a question about the 'Race & Ethnicity' category...

Hi - I'm Atena. I was very excited to find this community of women bloggers. I hope that it is as dynamic as I feel like it probably is - blogging is such an exciting form of expression, and I love being a part of such a sprawling network of fascinating, compelling, radical and revolutionary writers. ...more

and welcome. :)

You make a key point -- one that applies to Race & Ethnicity, Sex & ...more