Audra Michelle

Inspiring, messing up daily, loving Jesus, striving to THRIVING, music playing, silly behaving, fun having, bee fearing, joy chasing, help giving lady who still feels like a kid.   I am a wife to my best friend. We have three little boys under age 4. I blog to inspire women to be their best in whatever works best for their family since there is no one way to do this thing called life.

Dear Bill Nye, You Don't Get to Tell My Kids What to Believe

Dear Bill Nye, Growing up, watching Bill Nye the Science Guy was a treat. I learned a lot. It was cool. It was fun. It was educational. Just this past year, I was reminded of the awesomeness that was Bill Nye the Science Guy. I got excited. My little boys were almost old enough to watch! Probably just a year or two more before they can start really enjoying this show. Well, Bill, it's not gonna happen. You see, this mama just can't get behind you anymore....more
Okay, first of all, can I say, I didn’t make that video. I mean, I appear on it, but I didn’t ...more