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AV Flox has written about sex, relationships, technology and health in a variety of publications, including the Village Voice, LA Weekly Los Angeles Times, Gizmodo, and BlogHer.com, among others. Currently, she is the editor of Slantist, a site that focuses on news and issues surrounding sexuality. She lives in California, jumping back and forth from Silicon Valley to Porn Valley.

'American Blogger' Still Isn't Getting The Outrage. Let Me Break It Down.

There is something truly beautiful in two creatives supporting one another through their art the way the Weigands do. And as Casey Leigh noted in today's post, titled "Response to the American Blogger Controversy" they never imagined that Christopher's uplifting film about the power of building community through blogging would become a target for so much derision. Here's why that's not good enough. ...more
If it's ok for the wife to have a blog circle that's not diverse, then the problem would have to ...more

Real Life Law & Order: 400,000 Unprocessed Rape Kits in the US

Across the United States, hundreds of thousands of rape kits are still sitting on shelves unprocessed, years after the crimes are reported. In 2009, 11,304 of these kits -- with some dating back to the 80s -- were found sitting in a Detroit police storage facility. ...more
That's ridiculous!more

Sex Toys for the Faithful

Lent, the solemn period of preparation for the resurrection of Jesus that is celebrated by many Christian denominations, kicked off yesterday. This six-week period invariably puts faith questions center-stage, and yet it always surprises me the number of people of faith who come to me for advice about their relationships. Despite the vaguest allusions to having been brought up Catholic, I also receive questions from Protestants, Jews, and Muslims on a regular basis....more
This is a TOTALLY FASCINATING ARTICLE!!!! Thank you for being so awesome and so connected and so ...more

Arizona Governor Vetoes Anti-Gay, "Religious Freedom" Bill

Conservative Christians around the nation have been clamoring for increased religious protections to match the advances made by by gay rights groups. The latest attempt fell flat yesterday in Arizona when Republican Governor Jan Brewer vetoed Senate Bill 1062, which would have effectively sanctioned discrimination against lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people by businesses in the state. ...more
I question the wisdom of a couple who want to force a religious business to serve ...more

The Sexual Health of the American Presidents

Image: rnike via Flickr We've heard stories about our country's leaders, both real and false. In our times, it's hard to consume news without running into some scandal or another. Like them or hate them, information about political leaders is always useful in getting a picture of that person in that place and time. So what can we learn about our presidents from their sexual health?...more

What We Can Learn from the "Elan Gale and Diane in 7A" Hoax

On November 28, Elan Gale decided to entertain the world by making up a story that we have all experienced in one way or another. He tweeted that he'd boarded a US Airways flight on his way back to Los Angeles, that the flight was running late, and that one passenger was furiously yelling about it. Soon, Gale was live-tweeting a fictional battle with a woman immortalized as "Diane in 7A." What unfolded on his feed can only be described as a how to on behaving badly. What made it so hard to look away is the same thing that makes reality TV the addictive thing it is. Is it time to reconsider? ...more
I couldn't help but think when I was reading this tale that Gale's behavior was totally ...more

20 Things Every Girl Dating In Her 20s Should Know

Last week, the viral hub Buzzfeed ran "27 Things Every Girl In Her Twenties Should Really Have By Now," a listicle that pretty much reduced women in their twenties to superficial creatures who can hardly take care of themselves. I think the twenties are a wonderful time full of discoveries and level-ups, so I made my own list....more
I love this.  The 20's really is an amazing time for self-growth and knowledge.  Excellent list.more

Marriage: Still A Pretty Awesome Idea!

Editor's Note: This post is being featured along with a post that makes the case against marriage. We wanted to present two different opinions about whether or not marriage is still relevant, important, and valuable today. We hope it sparks engaging conversation - Feminista Jones...more
Thank you... I do see all those benefits. I also see huge tax benefits for me not being married. ...more

Are Pubic Lice Going Extinct Due to Waxing? (Short Answer: No)

The article in Bloomberg, which caught fire this week, starts by saying that crabs are disappearing, a fact its authors never get around to corroborating. They provide an interesting anecdote about one Australian clinic that hasn't seen a case of pubic lice since 2008 but get data from no other clinics. Later they note that crabs can be self-treated with insecticide yet fail to provide further information -- did legislation make insecticide available to the public after 2008 in Australia? Was a more effective type of insecticide introduced? Have sales figures among the major insecticide brands suffered in the country since waxing started to take off? No, none of that. But why are we thinking about journalism right now? Have we no heart? CRABS ARE DYING OUT BECAUSE OF BIKINI WAXES. ...more
This is an interesting predicament due to the lack of reporting of crabs (AKA pubic lice ...more

I've Had a Hell of a Lot of Fun and I've Enjoyed Every Minute of It

It's been a crazy ride for me as section editor at BlogHer, a ride full of anecdote and fact, magic and heart -- a ride that now comes to an end. We broke a lot of ground together, both within the sex-positive and sex education communities and the science blogging space. ...more
@Karen Ballum , we can have Hangouts -- are you sure you don't want to come play? Imagine it! ...more