BlogHer Talks Sex on Lifetime's The Suzanne Show

So there I was, at an ungodly hour of the morning, sitting under the lights in hair & makeup while I was coiffed and airbrushed so I'd look a little more alive than I felt before the required three cups of coffee. Somehow, I wasn't nervous. I was about to sit down before Lifetime's audience with Suzanne Somers to talk about sex and I felt right at home. ...more
AV! When it's online somewhere, will you post a link? I'd love to see and cut cable.more

Why We Can't Open The Windows Inside A Plane

Mitt Romney is shocked that you can't open the windows in a commercial airliner. A fifth grader could tell you this isn't a good idea, but I thought this was a good opportunity to learn just how exactly air travel and our bodies' needs intersect. To answer the question, I hit up Michael Habib, Assistant Professor of Cell and Neurobiology at the University of Southern California, who also happens to be a world expert on the mechanics of animal flight and bio-inspired robotics. ...more
Sally G Actually everyone there had a good laugh. I think you fail as a political commentator so ...more

We're Dead and Sleeping With Ghosts

A tear cut down my cheek in silence, like one more golden bead along the side of the glass. It fell on my plate and slid toward the sauce. I looked at it vacantly and I thought about how Rodrigo didn't really need me. I thought about how logical he was. How he didn't require me to emote, how he'd never chastised me for being "remote" or "too logical." I thought about how he knew to leave me alone. Were these bad things? Had we traded in intimacy for a sense safety in one another? ...more
what an incredible piece of writing. how tragic and painful and amazing and full of sorrow... ...more

Making Distance Work for Your Relationship

By virtue of growing up on an island where everyone was constantly coming and going, I have had more than my fair share of long-distance relationships and learned a great deal of lessons -- the hard way. If you're in the same boat right now, dive in. Distance doesn't have to spell the end of romance. In fact, just the opposite -- if you're willing to step outside the box. ...more
This is great advice @AVFlox.  Awesome post!more

Five Tips to Stay Healthy at BlogHer '12 (or Any Conference)

Blogher '12 is this weekend. Without a doubt, you already know how to make the best of the conference. These here are a few quick tips to ensure that you make it out with your health intact. ...more

The Olympics When Your National Team Sucks

Up until that point, I had never encountered pride and loyalty in such real, palpable form. Their team's victory transformed everyone in that bar, without displacing anything at all. I have never felt more envious than I did then, looking around me at all the people who had followed their team through the ups and downs to see them take down their rival. There was laughing and hugging and kissing like these fans were survivors of an impossible struggle who'd come out triumphant. I suppose that in a sense, they were. ...more
If you ever want a unique fan experience. I suggest Fenway Park in Boston Massachusetts. The ...more

Doctors Die Differently Than We Do

According to the study, 65 percent of the doctors (or former medical students) had created a set of legal documents spelling out in advance what sort of end-of-life care they wanted. Only about 20 percent of the public does this. When asked whether they wanted cardiopulmonary resuscitation, or CPR, if they were in a chronic coma, about 90 percent of the doctors said no. Only about 25 percent of the public gives the same answer. ...more
One morning a few years ago my 17 year old cat had raspy, labored breathing and breath that ...more

Ticks: A Tiny, but Serious Threat

The days are hot and many of us are enjoying taking off into the great outdoors with our families. To see what we could do to remain healthy while frolicking out in the sun, I got in touch with the Tick-Borne Disease Alliance -- after all, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Lyme disease is the fastest growing infectious disease and the most common tick-borne disease in the country, with the highest infection rates affecting children between two and 14 years of age. ...more
I hate ticks too.more

Awareness, Examples and Fun: My Gateway to Healthy Living

I think knowing there are alternatives to the way we currently do things is important to changing bad habits. There are tasty treats out there that aren't bad for you, for example. There are activities out there that are good for you that don't feel like a chore. It's not hard to imagine this, but we're social animals. Nothing beats seeing this right in front of us, true as the sky above. ...more
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No Matter How Long It's Been, Never Stop Dating

Going on fun dates is extremely important, whether it's a first date, a date with your girlfriend or boyfriend, or you're engaged, or even married. Even if you're old as the hills, it doesn't matter. Go on dates. Why is it so important to go on fun dates? It keeps the spark alive, provides entertainment and SHOWS the other person you want to spend your time with them. ...more
Having a fun, romantic date is mandatory at any age.When you're an over-50, there are often no ...more