The Troubling Message in Fifty Shades of Grey

As someone who believes the world could do with a more open-minded approach to peoples consensual sexual interests, I wanted to like Fifty Shades of Grey. But as I read the book, I found it not only sets people who live a BDSM lifestyle back decades in terms of being understood by society, but that it eroticizes dangerous practices as well, especially for those who are new to this aspect of sexuality and looking to incorporate it into their lives. ...more
This is a beautiful book. I couldn't get past page one of your uptight review.more

Does Power Make Women Fantasize About Submission?

There is a great need among our species to answer the question of "why," and this need often leads to wild speculation that is very difficult to substantiate. When it comes to BDSM, we cannot ask "why" because the people who practice surrender are not a homogenous group. We're not just women, we're not just straight, we're not just submitting to lovers or even other humans. The answer to the question of "why" is as varied as our numbers are varied. All we can ask is "how." ...more
Mmm very bewildering and something that I might have got into when I was a Catholic with a kind ...more

Can Exercise Really Trigger Orgasm?

For years now we have heard stories about women who reached orgasm working out, but very little data existed to corroborate that this was more than myth -- until now. Are "coregasms" real? This is what initial research into the topic has revealed. ...more
For experience, this is real. I have had one. I'm not sure how I feel about the article saying ...more

Everything You Need to Know about the New Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

The threat of cervical cancer continues to be real, but proper screening is a way to safeguard against the disease. After reviewing the efficacy of pap smears and testing for human papilloma virus (HPV) as ways to detect cervical cancer, the United States Preventive Services Task Force has released their new recommendations. This is how the new guidelines break down and why. ...more
still think it should be done annually or every two years min. the new recommendationi is  good ...more

Are You Ready for the Future of Safer Sex?

You're not thinking about safe sex at that moment, and unless neither one of you happen to have a condom handy, this won't even come up as a topic for discussion. And maybe that's the problem. Accidents happen, and even when they don't, some sexually transmitted illnesses can still get by despite protection. But what's the alternative? Letting him take off his jacket, offering white or red and then asking him to detail his sexual history? The last time he got tested? ...more
There is this emerging trend in managing your sexual health online! There's quite a few apps, ...more

The War Being Waged Against Knowledge and Female Autonomy

Rush Limbaugh's so-called apology isn't an apology at all. It's a way to move the limelight away from his evident bias, except he fails when this this bias crops up again in the second paragraph of his statement, in which Limbaugh disregards, once again, the many other uses for contraceptive pills, and dismisses women's concerns outright as something not worthy of being heard by the government. ...more
He's a fool, I think he most certainly did intend on attacking that girl. Everyone seems to ...more

Rush Limbaugh Calls Contraception Coverage Supporters Sluts and Prostitutes

Initially, it is unclear whether Limbaugh repeatedly cites this fraudulent article as a means to justify his dishonest tirade or if he truly failed to do the appropriate research regarding Fluke's remarks, but as his show continues and Limbaugh plays more clips from Sandra Fluke's congressional hearing, it becomes evident that he is picking and choosing what he wants his listeners to hear, in order to corroborate the allegation he made in a previous show that Fluke is nothing but a slut who wants everyone else to pay for her birth control. ...more
He really screwed up this time.  Maybe now people will realize what a pompus ass he is. Just ...more

7 Things Every Happy Heart Knows

We've been giving special attention to heart health this month. Last week we spoke with Dr. Herbert Insel, clinical instructor in medicine at New York University School of Medicine and senior cardiologist at EHE International, to get you a quick overview of how to improve your chances. ...more

Tumblr Takes Stand Against Eating Disorder Blogs

Easy to use and completely customizable, the platform is hugely popular with teens and 20-somethings, which has raised some questions about the content Tumblr allows users to post. Five years after its launch and facing an explosion of blogs that glamorize harmful behaviors such as eating disorders and self-injury, Tumblr has finally decided to modify its anti-censorship position and take a stand against self-harm. ...more
this is great! as someone who struggled with bulimia for 7 years and still continues to struggle ...more

Let A 13-Year-Old Explain Why Shaming Promiscuity Is Wrong

Margo Fortier has been on YouTube for almost three years. In that time, the 14-year-old has amassed over three thousand subscribers and over half a million channel views. Last year, she celebrated her two-year anniversary on the popular video-sharing network by doing a video on a different topic that matters to her, every day for seven days. The first topic she tackled was "slut-shaming." Listen to her explain what it is and why it's wrong. ...more
What i see above all is that the speech from the girl who was only a preteen months before ...more