Measles & Vaccines: Giving The Gift of Health

Despite the retraction and correction of the claim that the MMR vaccine had been linked to autism, popular support for vaccination has decreased and, coupled with recent measles outbreaks in Africa, Europe and India, the World Health Organization estimates that the fatalities will begin rising by 500,000 each year, completely destroying the progress that has been made against the disease since the 1980s by next year. ...more
@avflox In follow-up, here is a great visual (not scientific) example regarding the importance ...more

Your Partner: All The Gift-Idea Inspiration You Need

Ideas are all around you. Sure, all this browsing might not uncover the one perfect gift, but all you need is a little jolt of inspiration. That's all it takes sometimes for a good idea to spring from your mind. ...more

I Just Want to Go on a Walk

It's hard to explain it to men. "Those guys are assholes," they say. "I'm not like that." That's the thing: walking down the street, I don’t know what you're like. My experience is the only evidence I have and this evidence says waiting around to find out usually results in unpleasant situations. No person in their right mind would seek out unpleasant situations. ...more
I share this video for those of you who understand spanish, but it's clear even if you don't ...more

The Great Sex Addiction Epidemic

The Sex Epidemic. Those are the words Newsweek used to headline an article about sexual addiction. While the piece does a decent job of describing hypersexuality -- thereby destroying the ability of those caught red handed to claim sex addiction as a way to get off scot-free -- it discredits itself by being so quick to point to the internet as a main cause of the problem. ...more
Fascinating blog! Your depiction is attention-grabbing. Thanks for sharing your valued vision. ...more

How to Make Friends with an Ex in 7 Steps

Friendship is built like houses on fault lines -- able to handle the shifts of life's plates, while love is built like a citadel to stand solid against invasion. To imagine that you can easily repurpose a fortress to stand the quakes of life is to set yourself up for collapse, especially if said fortress suffered structural damage during a breakup. So how do you make friends with an ex? ...more
I wish I(or my ex) had read this sooner. We ended up in a prolonged "friendship" afterward, ...more

Two Beef Tacos, Please -- Hold the Pepper Spray

Fox News seems to think that pepper spray is just a food product that burns the eyes, but the truth of this less-than-lethal weapon is a lot less benign. In this post, we examine just how hot pepper spray burns and what exposure really does to the human body. ...more
You can bet your ass if someone did this to a Tea Party rally, there would be a different tune. more

When A Passionate Encounter Goes Horribly Wrong

Her wet hair clung to her body, and her wet body pulled the sheets along with it as the two of them collapsed on the mattress, soaking it through. And then a pause. A pause? Yes, a pause. Pause as in: what now? It was like watching something on Netflix, and just when you're getting into it, that dreaded word: buffering. A bad case of life imitating... art? This is her sex life, one tired (and tragic) cliche. It happens to the best of us. ...more
Good grief!  What an exciting read.  Scary though.  Dating is risky to the tenth power!  Not to ...more

How Much Do You Know About HIV?

A week ago, Magic Johnson commemorated the 20-year mark since his HIV diagnosis. On November 07, 1991, he stepped up to a podium in Inglewood, California, surrounded by photographers and journalists and announced that he would be retiring from the National Basketball Association after testing positive for the Human Immunodeficiency Virus. ...more

11 Fun Love & Sex Stocking Stuffers

Oh, come on! Why do you look so serious? Gift giving should be fun! Run through this list with me and get back in the mood. Remember, 'tis the season! ...more
I love these, I need to find some of these and buy them, especially the "Make a Decision" ones.more

Would You Let A Former Porn Star Read to Your Kids?

What our nervous sideway glances and jeers say is simple: if you let on that you have sex, you're a danger to our children, and possibly to society itself. Never mind if you're a tax-paying, law-abiding, philanthropic citizen otherwise -- the second it becomes known that you have sex or are interested in it, you're immediately labeled unfit. ...more
Ridiculous. I don't care if she's CURRENTLY a porn star; it has nothing to do with who she is as ...more