Awakening Women Institute
is an internationally acclaimed learning center providing training tools and community for women who seek to live an awaken and empowered life.

All the work of AWI rises out of a passionate intention to bring true peace and happiness to all sentient beings, and our programs are our contribution to that.

Chameli Ardagh
Senior Teacher
Founder/ Director

A celebrated transformational leader and one of the worlds leading pioneers on contemporary feminine spirituality, Chameli has inspired thousands of women around the world, sharing her breakthrough methods for awakening and empowering of women and girls. Director, founder and senior teacher with the Awakening Women Institute , she delivers public talks, seminars and trainings to women. She is especially appreciated for her passionate love of mythology and storytelling as a method for illuminating our hidden strength and beauty.


A Feminine Basecamp

The number one principle of feminine leadership, is to create your own feminine base camp. This is where you get nutritions for your body and soul, before you soar up to the highest peaks. A huge error of the feminine is that we have a collective habit of taking care of everybody else first, forgetting to take care of our self. And we end up burned out, bitter and tense in our bodies. ...more