A Lesson Re-Learned

You would think that ...more

My Brush with Post-Racial America

It all started well enough. An epic playdate with great friends, followed by lunch at Friendly's and the ever-elusive weekend afternoon nap. Around 5, The Hubs reminded me that we should get ready to go ....more

When I Grow Up...

I used to think that being a grown-up was reaching a certain age. The older I get, the more I realize that age really has little to do with it. True, with age comes the benefit of experience and for some, wisdom ....more

Makeup Monday with D'angelo Thompson: 3.31.14

Fix It by:D'angelo Thompson A secret beauty weapon in my kit is MIST & FIX by Make Up Forever that's especially great for a big event or performance. After make up application, spray MIST & FIX about 10-16" from your face and, voila! You're set!...more

Top 10 Reasons I Should Live in a Hotel

We just came back from an impromptu family weekend away. I had the opportunity to bring the boys along to an incredible event with my day job, so we arranged for extra homework, early spelling and math tests with their teaches, then swept them off to the airport after school on Thursday. The event was awesome, ...more

Mama Mentors

I’ve been blessed to not only have an incredible mother, but a number of strong mama mentors in my life. With the exception of the tumultuous teen years (when estrogen repels estrogen like the world’s largest electromagnetic field…or something more scientifically accurate than that), my mother and I have had an incredible relationship. She has been a cheerleader, motivational coach, voice of reason and swift kick in the ass when needed ....more

Makeup Monday AND Giveaway with D'angelo Thompson 3.17.14

Technique is Keyby D'angelo ThompsonI can give a million product suggestions, but I think understanding technique and how to apply it are the most important! Six lucky BadAssMama Chronicles readers will win a set of my beauty technique cards, focusing on skin, foundation, blush, bronzer, eyes, cheeks and lips.To enter, follow The BadAssMama Chronicles on Facebook or Twitter and leave a comment describing your morning beauty routine for a chance to win. Six random winners will be selecteda nd announced on Monday, March 31 ....more

I Want it All...

It’s time to change the conversation on working motherhood. As far as we have come in equality on many fronts, working mothers – particularly women executives – continue to face undue scrutiny and battle the perception that they are not as committed to their careers as their male or childless female counterparts. If you avail yourself of a company’s flexible work policy by working from home one day each week (or even once in a blue moon), you have to fight the perception that you’re coasting ....more


2014 feels like a year of reinvention. Let me explain....more