Barbara Bruno

Barbara Bruno (twitter: allprofootball - facebook:  allprofootballbuzz)

National Football League Commentator/Analyst(Huffington Post, Bleacher Report, BlogHer,;

Grant Writer-Non-Profits;

Independent Film Producer 
Greater Los Angeles Area

Master's Degree Theatre - Penn State 

Bachelor's Degree English Literature and Bachelor's Degree Psychology - William and Mary 

English Literature - University of Exeter, England 

Screenwriting - UCLA

After years of running her own successful subscription "game picking" service, Barbara joined the mainstream media and writes NFL Commentary and Analysis for The Huffington Post and BlogHer and is a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report. CBS Radio News has recently interviewed her for several NFL stories.

Although she has a woeful inability to consistently hit anything with a racket or bat, Ms. Bruno discovered that, in certain circumstances, she can hit a golf ball. It has been pointed out that this may be because the golf ball is not moving.

However, Barbara competed on horseback and in the pool into her teens and realized that she was indeed able to contact the ball directly with her feet and hands, thus expanding her athletic horizons to soccer and volleyball. Unfortunately, she (for some inexplicable reason) chose to play goalie and repeated soccer balls to the face encouraged her recommitment to the ballet studio, where her athletic strengths ultimately turned her into a professional dancer. She performed and choreographed in styles ranging from ballet to modern dance, to musical theatre and flamenco.

It was through dance that Barbara developed an appreciation for the physical skills of professional football. The mental challenge of game strategy followed and she was hooked on the NFL, developing a life-long passion for the game.

A graduate of The College of William & Mary in Virginia, she also holds a M.A. in Theatre and has both performing and production experience with drama/comedy, musicals and even Shakespeare. 

After moving into the film and television industry, Ms. Bruno captained major studio film sets numbering 75 to several hundred people. During her time in Hollywood, Barbara also directed stunt units and special effects sequences, in addition to serving as the coach and “ghost” director for numerous first timers. Recently, she has co-produced the independent film Vino Veritas—coming soon to a film festival near you!

Ms. Bruno exercised her acting muscles again while in New York from 2000-2007. Along with the de rigueur appearances on Law and Order and other series, she has performed for multiple Manhattan theatres in roles ranging from the severely dysfunctional to the comically twisted.

Barbara is a multi-genre writer, having completed a film script, a mini-series and a multi-media musical play based on the life of Sally Rand—the woman who invented the infamous fan dance! Barbara also writes fundraising grants and teaches film production for the L.A.-based non-profit Streetlights, which creates careers in the Entertainment Industry for inner city young adults.

Her motto is “You can't scare me; I sunk the Red October.”

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