Barbara Techel

Barbara Techel is the award-winning author of inspirational memoir, Through Frankie's Eyes: One woman's journey to her authentic self, and the dog on wheels who led the way and children's book series, Frankie the Walk 'N Roll Dog.  She is passionate about helping others live a more meaningful and joyful life, which she just happened to learn from her disabled Dacshshund, Frankie.

After Frankie suffered a spinal injury she was custom-fitted for a wheelchair and Barbara realized the beautiful opportunity she had to spread a positive message that animals with disabilities can and do live quality lives if given a chance. From 2007-2012 Frankie and Barbara visited over 400 schools, libraries and organizations sharing their message: "Always be positive, make a difference, and keep on rolling!"

Barbara is passionate about bringing positive awarenss to paralyzed dogs and dogs in wheelchairs, so in August 2012 she founded National Walk 'N Roll Dog Day in memory of Frankie and in honor of all dogs in wheelchairs. She also started the Frankie Wheelchair Fund which helps dogs who need wheelchairs whose families may not be able to afford them, or for dogs in rescue. To date she has helped fifteen dogs with a wheelchair.

Barbara and Frankie's story has been featured in Woman’s World, The American Dog magazine, Doxie Digest, four books about animals, and countless other magazines and articles on line.

When not writing or sharing Frankie’s mission she loves spending time with her new “walk ‘n roll dog” Joie (pronounced Joey), her English Lab Kylie, and husband John. She also practices yoga daily, enjoys reading, riding her bike, going for walks, and relishes in the simple things of life.

Here’s where you can find Barbara:

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