Barker Alison

I’m Alison Barker. I like to be called Barker. Right now, I live, nanny, and write in Denver, Colorado. I have worked as a copyeditor, writing instructor, middle school teacher, tutor, curriculum planner, grant writer, editor, local reporter, marker-counter, telemarketer, receptionist, and book reviewer. 

I seek stories underneath "the story"—the gaps in speech, the slipperiness inside a person that they experience more than the sharpness outside.

The trick is to convey the non-story stories in a story way. Or maybe it’s about getting over yourself, finding the ladder out of all the slipperiness, and mustering courage to connect with other humans, but keeping slipperiness in your pocket to keep you honest when you meet all of the sharpness outside.

This is some of what fuels and shapes my writing. What do you do when the stories you’ve been told aren’t working for you? Here’s where I seek collage, escape, small movements and shapes.

I love research of all sorts—pecking through musty volumes of court proceedings or talking with people to hear the sounds of their attitudes and knowledge as only they can give voice to them, and see how these show up on faces and move through bodies.

I invite feedback, ideas for creative collaborations, and freelance assignments on a variety of topics. If you want to contact me, I can be reached at