Billie Criswell

I am a hip, sassy freelance writer and fourth generation Italian-American with a ton of opinions. Or as my husband likes to say of me: "I'm not bossy, I just have the best ideas!" 

I love being a writer because it gives me an opportunity to express myself, connect with people, and tell stories. I specialize in women's issues, sex, and food. I am whipping up delicious food and doling out the advice over at my blog, Bossy Italian Wife


Bossy Italian Book Review: Ember Island by Kimberly Freeman

It's been such a long time since a book really held my interest that I was beginning to lose all hope... ever since I got pregnant, I just haven't found anything that sucked me in completely or compelled me to read. So when I got this book in the mail, I was hoping against hope that maybe it would be the book that brought me back from the brink ....more

Everyone Has a Spirit Animal Except Me!

I don't know if this is one of those quirky problems reserved just for weirdos like me, but I have been having an ongoing spirit animal crisis. It's not fact it's one of those things that has been creeping up on me gradually and has reached higher proportions in the last six months. In a nutshell, it seems like everyone in the world knows what their spirit animal would be, and I just haven't got a clue.I just don't feel cosmically connected to any animals, I guess ....more

Questions About Your Reproduction

The other day I ran into a girlfriend at the grocery store and she lamented to me how people are always asking her when she and her husband are going to have kids. Oh, how I could relate to her! My husband and I have waited a full decade to have our daughter, and so I was all too familiar with people asking when, when, WHEN were we going to have children already?!I have a hard time understanding why people are so invasive about wanting to know what in the heck is up with other people's reproductive systems, but that doesn't change the fact that it exists ....more

Happy Chicken-Versary

I love this chicken with an attitude!...more

Real Men Take Paternity Leave

This past week baseball player Daniel Murphy took paternity leave and (oh my gawd) missed a game or two while he bonded with his wife and child. The guy took major heat for this decision at the hands of two jackass...more

Easy Apple Dump Cake

I looooove making dump cakes. I've made a peach version, and a pear version, and other versions I haven't even posted on here. Whenever I find myself in need of a sweet fix, which admittedly, seems to be pretty frequently these days, and I have some leftover fruit, this is a go-to that never disappoints! ...more

The Big Nursery Reveal!

My husband and I have been working overtime to get the nursery ready for our baby girl, Ruby. I wanted everything to be basically done by the baby shower (which was a few weeks ago) so that we could execute the finishing touches and be done well ahead of schedule. We like to be prepared well ahead of time, and now that we have completed it, I can say that I am SO glad that we did it this way.Now that I am in the third trimester, I am getting a little more tired, but I also want to really focus on being able to do things I know I won't have time for once the baby is here ....more

Blueberry Sour Cream Cake

My sweet's a thing to be reckoned with these days. I have been taming the beast rather well, I will say, and not over indulging too much. One way that I have been satisfying my sweet tooth monster is by offering to bring desserts to social gatherings ....more

Bossy Italian Book Review: Birthing From Within

It's hard for me to admit that I haven't really been reading many books lately. People have been asking me, "Are you reading a ton of baby books?" and the simple truth is, NO I have not. It's not that I'm not's just that there are so many bad books out there ....more

Banning Bossy? Puh-lease!

No one was more surprised than me when I started seeing these headlines about banning the word bossy. Obviously, banning the word bossy for me would put my blog clear out of commission, so I'm not so sure I'm down for supporting this cause. Sure, I see where they are coming from...they want young women to feel that their leadership skills are valuable ....more