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Recalcitrant wife and mother with the facial hair to prove it, I blog to relieve the tedium of being an invisible vessel for grandchildren and PTA donations. I can also be found quite frequently In The Powder Room where I am the Editor in Chief. Let's connect! 

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What a difference two years can make.

It’s a widely known fact (i.e....more

Press Release: The Bearded Iris acquires In the Powder Room

Psst. You guys. Big news! ...more

Quit staring at my shuttlecock, ya perv.

Well, it’s Spring Break in these parts, and we’re staycationing this year…again. Spring Break travel requires much more advanced planning than I am ever able to successfully do, so here we are. Home sweet…holy shit, is there a wasps’ nest … Continue reading → ...more

The road not taken…by my kid…on the can

I just found a dried booger on my shower curtain. It’s about two feet off the ground, on the outside of the curtain, right next to the toilet in my kids’ bathroom. After three kids, very little surprises me, and … Continue reading → ...more

Romance Writers Do It with Enthusiasm

So it turns out our mothers were right about never leaving the house without lipstick. “You never know who you’re going to meet!” Of course, they were probably talking about actual lipstick and not my book, “You Have Lipstick on … Continue reading → ...more

Snowpocalypse, the State of Blogging, and Sausage Fest

Let’s make this quick. (That’s what he said). I’m on day four of the Atlanta Snowpocalypse, so you already know I’ve got my hands full ....more

…and that’s why I don’t make handmade gifts anymore.

Once upon a time, I was a serial crafter. I love making things. All kinds of things....more

Hey kids, don’t stick your tongues in there, m’kay?

As part of a new series we’ll call The Best of The Bearded Iris, the following is my most...more

Portrait of a Deviant Elf

Dobbie is back! He’s my family’s Elf on the Shelf and he is pretty popular around these parts. If you’re just joining us, you can catch up on all of Dobbie’s most memorable adventures from the last few years HERE ....more

The Parable of the Principal Pal Predicament – Part 2

When we last left our heroine… Wait. I’m sorry, I just despise that word. I can never remember if it’s heroin or heroine...more