Mother Daughter Cancer

As a mother, I would take cancer in my body in a minute over seeing one of my children diagnosed and having to go through cancer treatment.  But then my children are grown, no longer dependent on their parents.  Were I facing cancer as a mother of a very young child, I would be consumed with fear of not being able to be there to take care of him or her.  Bu...more

Cancer Speaks Hair Loss

When we lose our hair, be it due to chemotherapy, Alopecia areata, or other causes, we feel as if we are entirely alone, the first and last to be truly shocked and devastated by our hair loss.  Our mind may know better, but in our heart, we feel alone.  I try to remind women they are not alone.  There are many of us who understand exactly what you are going through.  Following is a video posted by a woman in the midst of her hair loss due to chemotherapy.  She provides practical tips for taking some control of the situation and even having a little fun with it. ...more

Practicing Internet Medicine

Have you ever showed up for your doctor’s appointment armed with articles you downloaded from the internet?  Did you note your doctor’s reaction?  A roll of the eyes, a muffled sigh, a politely contrived smile.  It doesn’t stop me.  I’m determined to know what questions to ask because I have learned that if I don’t ask, they’re not offering.  My sense is that many doctors idea of the ideal patient is the one that follows doctors orders, no questions asked....more

Childhood Cancer - Seeing Gold Through the Pink

Cancer.  The word alone makes us shift in discomfort and compels us to immediately redirect our thoughts away, towards words and thoughts that strike less fear, unless….  Unless cancer has become more than a word on our tongues and in our lives....more

Bald Confidence Isn't Free

Who doesn’t love free stuff?  Free drinks, buy-one-get-one-free, free flights, free advice, and my personal favorite - FREE WIGS - worn by who knows who, for who knows how long, and under who knows what circumstances.  I collect them and they make me feel so much better about being bald....more

Cancer Makes and Breaks Illusions

Have you ever had one of those car driving nightmares?  The one where you’re confidently cruising down a packed freeway until suddenly your brakes go out AND your car suddenly begins picking up speed.  You watch the speedometer needle hit 85, 90… !  You can’t stop it, can’t even slow it down.  The best you can do is to grab that wheel with both hands and hope that you steer yourself through to safety....more

Hostage to My Hair Follicles

To be bald or not to be bald - that is the question!It’s a well known fact that Alopecia is a personal and unpredictable disease.  Yes, it has a mind of it’s own and anyone that has had any degree of Alopecia knows that to be true.  Hair can spontaneously grow on your head just as quickly as it can fall out for no apparent reason.  Sure, there are some remedies that may delay or prompt growth but for the most part, alopecia says when, where, and how much....more

Cancer Thrives On Social Media

Cancer sure has become social since my mom’s breast cancer diagnosis,  mastectomy and treatment almost 30 years ago.  Mom never uttered the words “breast” or “cancer,” at least not around her children.  For mom’s generation, breast cancer was a very personal and private matter, one she discussed only with her doctors and my father.  Today, women are broadcasting their breast cancer experiences to the entire world, both finding and investing their time and (I imagine) limited energy in sharing the minute-to-minute details of their cancer experiences....more

Previving Pancreatic Cancer

“We are asking you to take part in this study because you are at higher risk compared to the general population for developing pancreatic cancer, based on your personal or family history.”...more

The Hair Growth Phenomenon