Bald - The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Have you ever wondered how many times you say or think “I assumed” in the course of one day?  How many things are taken for granted based on what  you assume to be the truth?  How many times do you find yourself jumping to conclusions based on issues without evidence?  Probably more than you would like to believe.  We all make assumptions.  We assume what people are thinking, what people are doing and the reasons why they do them.  We also assume many things about people based on  their physical appearance.  Overweight equals overeating?&n...more

End of Chemo Treatment, Relief or Anxiety?

 There is no question that completing a course of chemotherapy treatment is a milestone in the life of a patient.  Tomorrow, my 89-yr-old mother will receive her sixth and final dose of chemotherapy for lymphoma.  She was initially hesitant about chemo and the effects it would have on h...more

My Mom is scheduled to have a PET scan in 3 weeks post the end of her chemo and the anticipation ...more

Just Say "No" to Endocrine Disruptors

The list is extensive and growing - bisphenol A, phthalates, parabens, PBDE’s (flame retardants), PCB’s, dioxins, atrazine, heptachlor, arsenic, mercury, lead among them.  Referred to as “endocrine disruptors“(ED’s), a term describing their documented ability to mimic natural hormones and disrupt normal endocrine system functioning, this term certainly understates the myriad of ways in which these synthetic chemicals compromise our health....more

Going Bald for a Cause

When you’re down-and-out, terrified, feeling helpless and just deeply sad, what helps you get back in the saddle?  For some it’s therapy.  For others it’s family, travel, spiritual guidance, yoga, half-gallons of ice cream, GOING BALD!???...more

Hi Mindi,

I wish I could do more. I write a lot about breast cancer bc I am a BRCA2 carrier, ...more

Chemo Brain - Fact or Fiction?

Mom eats breakfast and moments later doesn’t know whether she’s eaten or not.  You might assume such memory loss is to be expected at age 89, but just 2 months ago, when she was also 89, her memory was better than mine. What caused such a rapid decline?  She is undergoing chemotherapy treatments for Lymphoma.  Could she be suffering from “chemo brain”?  When I asked Mom’s doctor about her cognitive changes, the issue was dismissed with a knowing look of “what do you expect at age 89?”.  Am I surprised?  Unfortunately not....more

Hi Susan,

What you're describing about your mom is not uncommon. In fact, some experts ...more

Endocrine Disruptors - From Evidence to Action

 We hear a lot (though far from enough) about “endocrine disruptors” and their impact on our health, but how many of us really understand what they are and what their relationship is to our health?  Given that we’re eating, breathing, and hosting them in our bottles, cups, cars, homes, foods, and worst of all, our bodies, you might like to know what they are.  If you’re at risk for, battling, or determined to avoid cancer, you need to know.  But wait.  Consider the following quote: “For too long, emphasis on what is called secondary prevention (detecting cancer early enough to treat it), has obscured the fact that detection of an existing tumor is not prevention.  True prevention means identifying and eliminating the preventable causes of the disease before it can occur.” - (Breast Cancer Fund’s 2010 ‘State of the Evidence: The Connection Between Breast Cancer and the Environment) If this quote strikes a chord of truth with you, then this 2-part blog is for you....more

Notes From NCBC's 21st Annual Breast Cancer Conference

With over 70 informational sessions to choose from, over 80 expert speakers, and over 800 breast health professionals from the U.S., Canada, and Europe in attendance, was honored to be part of the National Consortium of Breast Centers (NCBC) 21st Annual Breast Center Conference.  We were especially pleased to be part of a larger contingent of women representing Sarasota, FL at the conference - Marie Borsellino, Sarasota Memorial Hospital (SMH) Breast Patient Navigator, Cristi Radford, Certified Genetic Counselor...more

Tips for an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

(Following is a guest blog written by Elyn Jacobs, breast cancer survivor and cancer coach. You can read more from Elyn on her blog, “It is the Weak Tree That Comes Down in a Hurricane“.)...more

Fabulous and Fashionable by Alex, a Sister-Alopecian

Pencil skirts or skinny jeans?  Colored or patterned tights?  Over-the-knee boots or peep-toed heels?  Button-up sweater or pea coat style jacket?  Turtle neck or tunic?  Brunette or bald???  I’m Alex, and I have been totally bald for all of my fabulous 20 years alive. First and foremost, I cannot wear wigs.  They are hot and honestly, I would probably whip it off half-way through the day out of total frustration!  So the alternative - let my bald head shine!...more

J-LO - An Alopecian’s Hero

Who would’ve believed that the curvaceous and sultry celebrity likes of Jennifer Lopez could make ME feel more comfortable, more normal, more beautiful in my own hairless skin (and headscarf)?...more