Judy Ung

Sharing kid-friendly Japanese culture and food inspiration at Bebe Love Okazu, a food and recipe journal.

Shoyu Tamago (Japanese Soy Sauce Eggs)

 Shoyu tamago, or hard boiled eggs steeped in soy sauce is one of the simplest okazu (Japanese dish) that can easily be enjoyed as a meal, especially in a bento lunch, or on it's own as a mid-day snack or even for breakfast....more

2014 Osechi Ryori, Japanese New Year's Good Luck Food

Happy New Year!明けましておめでとう!...more

Apple Picking, Simmered Apples & Quick Tart

 Over the weekend, my family and I went apple picking at Riley's Los Rios Rancho in Yucaipa, CA. This year, I decided I wanted to celebrate my birthday differently than years past. When I was little, my parents used to take us cherry picking and I can't recall if we went apple picking too, but our jaunt to rural Southern California brought back great childhood memories and it was quite a pleasant get-away for us city slickers....more

Japanese Hamburger: Hambaagu or Hamburg?

It’s day three of the 2012 London Olympics and I’m slightly at a loss for words. Perhaps it’s exhaustion from our busy weekend (which I will happily share in a separate post), or because our DVR wasn’t working Sunday night when I couldn’t stay up to watch swimming, or perhaps I’m feeling a bit off because my left knee is having unusual joint issues. Instead of my weekly gym date with my BFF Monday night, I opted to be a couch potato, rest my uncooperative knee, watch the Olympics and look through my inventory of un-posted, yet not forgotten food photos....more