Mercedes Sanchez is a multimedia journalist with experience in print, television, new media and public relations having worked at the New York Post, NBC and LATV. Today, Mercedes is the editor of an online magazine and lifestyle channel covering the latest in fashion, beauty and entertainment where she writes and produces/shoots original segments for BeChicTV.

Fun Fact: In May 2010, producers of The Apprentice chose Mercedes as an alternate candidate for the hit show.

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5 Summer Must-Haves

By Mercedes Sanchez ...more

#BeChicTuesday: Submit Your Look

I’m pleased to announce the launch of #BeChicTuesday — our new What It Means to BeChic photo series where YOU share your favorite looks with other fashion & beauty enthusiasts! Each woman has her own definition, and I want to know what being chic means to you!...more

Latina Blogger

2010 introduced technology that influenced the already changing world of publishing....more Sephora and Shopbop Collection

Ladies, it's no surprise that we sometimes take a ridiculous amount of time getting ready in the morning or before heading out for the night. That's just what it takes for us to be the fabulous women we are, right? Not so much......more


Free taxi ride and makeup consultation around Manhattan? Count us in! ...more

Adult Acne Diary: Day 2

If you read the previous ...more


As a vlogger who interacts with her audience and speaks with high-profile experts and celebrities, having a zit is a total nightmare and unfortunately, it has become part of my daily worries. From red circular scars that have lived on my face for more than three years to a new pimple after eating fried food, there are days when my face isn't as clear as it was in high school and it drives me crazy!...more


HOW NOT TO COLLAPSE DURING FASHION WEEK By kellonearth_bechicmagIf you watched Kell on Earth last night, then you saw a model collapse at the Genetic Denim presentation. Don't let that be you! On top of balancing a healthy diet and rest, I have the secret to staying energized when going from show-to-show during Fashion Week: Squeezing your gluteus maximus!...more

FERN MALLIS: We talk to the Creator of Fashion Week

By MERCEDES SANCHEZ...more Are you Vajazzled?

Our editor met with Cindy Barshop from the hi-tech spa Completely Bare on the Bowery to talk about the phenomenon behind the Vajazzle!...more