For Kids Who Can't Read Good

Tina sent in this catastrophically ironic sign from Naples, Florida.Good thing this statement is in quotation marks because it probably isn't true.Thanks, Tina! ...more

Panty Catastrophe

I was taking a walk yesterday in Scranton, but it was crazy cold out so I ducked into a mall. *shudder* Fortunately, the mall's big department store, Boscov's, provided me with this gem.At least they didn't write "pantie's" to go along with "ladie's." ...more

Bananas Cause Gas?

When I first saw this apostrophe catastrophe from my friend Irene (a.k.a. my friend Ethan's mom), I thought, "Bananas cause gas?" But apparently it means that they aren't unnaturally ripened using gas or something. I'm not up on all these organic food trends.I especially love this catastrophe because it's from Market Basket, which is, well... just check out this website ....more

Another Gym Catastrophe

My gym corrected the blatant apostrophe catastrophe that I found there the other day, but now another one has cropped up.It's a little hard to see, but it says, "Sale ends in two day's." Yikes. Also, the sign should read "Now on Sale," not "in sale." And you don't need a dollar sign before "10 bucks." That's redundant.In addition to the grammar and syntax errors, this sign presents the fallacy that these sales at the gym last only a few days. Signing up for a gym membership is like buying a car (or a mattress) ....more

Winter Drink Catastrophe

The menu from Delaney's in North Conway features an apostrophe catastrophe and an oddly X-rated drink title (4th drink on the list).Despite the punctuation errors, these drinks did sound delicious, but I had a two-and-a-half hour drive ahead of me, so I stuck with water. Their buffalo chicken soup was delicious after a 9-mile hike, though! ...more

Gym Catastrophe

It's 6 degrees and snowing today so I had to go to the gym. The highlight of my workout was finding this catastrophic sign.I do like the women's area because creepy dudes never hit on me in there, but this sign is almost as atrocious as taking a selfie on the treadmill. Well, for $10 a month, I guess my gym can't afford to hire a proofreader ....more

Retro Catastrophe

Anne spotted this gem at the St. Francis Legion in Minnesota.Love the hairstyles!Thanks, Anne! ...more

Doctors, Heal Thy Punctuation

Someone needs to fix this hospital apostrophe catastrophe, stat.Robert, who sent in this catastrophe, writes, "Hope they have a firmer grasp on other things (including their scalpels)."Thanks, Robert! ...more

Corny Catastrophe

This supermarket e-circular from Canada appears to be accusing its readers of being corn.You're corn! No, you are!Thanks to Susan for sending in this catastrophe ....more

Extra S Catastrophe

At first glance, this shop photo, which was sent in by Simon (not sure of the location), suffers from an apostrophe catastrophe.However, the problem is actually the extra "s" between "boys'" and "men's." And the lack of space, so it looks like one long, bizarre word.90's throwback Boyz's II Men's?Thanks, Simon! ...more