Courtney Rundell

Courtney Rundell is a writer, health advocate and public speaker. She currently blogs for WebMD and the North Hollywood Patch, and she speaks about overcoming adversity and learning to thrive. Courtney has overcome child abuse, alcoholism/drug addiction and a life-altering misdiagnosis. 

She’s devoted to inspiring and sparking hope in others now that she’s finally a free woman. 

Courtney lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two amazing dogs and bouncing baby boy.

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What's in the Bag?

I think there's a disconnect between people knowing I have bipolar disorder and me whipping out my pillbox, which is exactly what I do after every meal I eat.A woman's purse is a mystery to men. My husband and I were married about 5 years before he ever went in there. Now he boldly goes where no man's gone before - when he really wants a piece of gum....more

Trying to Balance Dollars & Sense

I really thought with the return to work would be the return of my sanity. Ends up postpartum mental illnesses hold on a bit longer than I anticipated. It's not as simple as I thought it would be......more

My Life Since Coming Out of the Closet or How Facebook Saved My Life

Coming out of the closet is one thing, LIVING out of the closet is something quite different...

How I Bought Myself Some Perspective & Halted a Major Meltdown

You ever have the greatest weekend of your life and then have to go back home? This is how I managed not to book a one-way ticket to Fiji or kick a dog.
Contrary action in ...more

My Happy Pill

My latest WebMD post poses the question we all want to know the answer to - do happy pills really make you happy? Courtney RundellWriter, Advocate,

Let's Talk About Meds

I literally waited until I had no choice but to go on meds. And by literally, I mean a nurse in a mental hospital gave me a little white cup with Lithium and Zoloft in it and another white cup with water in it and wouldn’t let me out of her sight until I emptied both cups.Find out what misconceptions and fears about psychiatric medications almost killed me here....more

Bipolar Motherhood: What it Means to be 'Mom Enough'

They come in threes....more

Understanding Relapse

I said goodbye to a dear friend last week. She was magnetic, effervescent, beautiful and hilarious. She was a preschool teacher.She was only 42-years-old when she died.Liz struggled for decades with drug addiction, alcoholism and severe depression. At one point in time, she stayed sober for 4 years – after her best drinking buddy died of alcoholism at only 33-years-old, leaving behind two beautiful children. During those 4 years she was in love with recovery and full of hope. She was of service to others and had a large group of friends who loved her unconditionally....more