May Day (M'aidez)

I’ve read a lot of historical fiction in my time. Too much, probably. Especially during my formative years. As a kid I read a lot of Rosemary Sutcliff‘s books, the earliest of which are so very English and charming and achingly nostalgic that I spent far, far too much time daydreaming about what it would be like to live in Tudor London, wear a kirtle and spend my days working on a sampler....more

Five Year Old Indian Girl Kidnapped, Sexually Assaulted and Left For Dead

Trigger warning for rape, sexual assault, abduction, torture and murder.A reader from India asked me to blog about this at the end of last week. At the time, I told her that I was feeling burned out, but promised to write about it on Monday or Tuesday. I’ve been procrastinating, though. As much as I know that this is something that’s important to talk about, I’ve had a hard time bringing myself to read about it, let alone write about it.But I promised that I would. And it’s important. So let’s do this....more

A Sort Of Love Letter To Boston, Who Sent Help When My Family Needed It

Dear Boston,I’ve never visited you.I know that that’s a strange way to begin, and of course I don’t mean it as a slight against you. I’m just stating a fact: I’ve never visited you.I’ve always wanted to, though, and that must count for something, right? I’ve heard great things about you. A bunch of people whose opinions I really respect have highly recommended you. I’ve planned a fantasy vacation (which my husband has nicknamed The Dead Author Tour of New England) that involves you....more

10 Concrete Ways To Help Boston

I was sipping an overpriced Americano in a small, aggressively hip coffee shop Monday when the news broke about the bombing at the Boston Marathon. I’d only meant to sit down for a few minutes, but ended spending over two hours there nursing my cold coffee and obsessively refreshing my Twitter feed....more
@ShelbytheStrickster I'm glad they helped. I figured there would be other people out there like ...more

The Rape and Death of 17-Year-Old Rehtaeh Parsons

The story is disturbingly familiar. A teenage girl goes to some kind of get-together, maybe a party. She is raped by multiple assailants. The rape is photographed and distributed via social media. The girl is subjected to horrifying acts of bullying and shaming. She is branded a slut. Her life becomes a living hell. ...more
Rehtaeh's story  is very similar to the story of Carolina, 14, a italian girl that the january ...more

How To Be Loved

Editor's Note: This is brilliant. That is all. - Feminista Jones Is there anything worse than being offered a nice, pat aphorism instead of actual advice? For example, when you don’t get into your post-secondary school of choice and suddenly everyone and their mother gives you some variation on the oldeverything happens for a reason theme. ...more Yes! So very exciting!!!more

Nostalgia Machine: On Re-Watching "Girl, Interrupted"

Those of you who are fairly new to my blog may not know this, but on days when I’m not busy kicking the patriarchy square in the nuts or deconstructing inaccurate Facebook memes, I like to indulge in a little bit of nostalgia. Well, maybe a lot of nostalgia. Then I tweet extensively about my my indulgences, and sometimes end up writing about them here.Which is all to say that I re-watched Girl, Interrupted the other night and now I want to talk about it....more
Wow. I hear this. So very interesting. The last paragraph, the whole thing, is gloriously ...more

An Open Letter To My Son

You.Sometimes I wonder about you.I wonder, for instance, where you came from. I understand the dry facts, of course, the complex mechanics of ovulation and ejaculation. I understand how cells divide, and then divide again, their numbers growing exponentially as seconds tick by. I know a thing or two about gametes and zygotes and embryos.What I don’t understand is how all of that made you....more
@elaineR.N. Thank you! Yes, that comment on the motherless young man honestly moved me to tears. ...more

Checking In

I know that I haven’t written here in a while (SIX WHOLE DAYS, LIKE, YOU PROBABLY THOUGHT I’D QUIT BLOGGING OR SOMETHING), and I just wanted to check in and let you guys know that I’m doing all right.More than all right, actually. I feel better. Frighteningly, miraculously, tentatively better. It’s so new and so strange that I’m a bit hesitant to write about it yet or even say it out loud – like I could jinx it or something. But I also want you to not worry about me, so I thought I should tell you: I feel better....more
I am so glad to hear you are feeling better. I just breathed a sigh of relief relishing in your ...more


Today marks the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath’s death.Is this something that people do? Celebrate the anniversary of someone’s death? Certainly celebrate is the wrong word – mark is probably better, or evenobserve.Today I am observing the 50th anniversary of Sylvia Plath’s death....more
@bellejarblog  @elaineR.N. Yes. We will be with you all the way.  :) I want to see you be twice ...more