Mark McNairy, I Can't Even

Mark McNairy, the man who designed the Manifest Destiny shirt for The Gap, tweeted the following on Saturday evening:...more
@Julie Ross Godar Hah, I totally agree! Survival of the fittest indeed!   Did you see his ...more

Rape Culture (or, Roman Polanski, I can't even)

There are few things in life that make as incredibly, blindly, need-to-punch-a-wall-right-now angry as Roman Polanski. Any mention of him makes my blood boil; even just having someone tell me about one of his movies leads to me shouting obscenities for a significant length of time. So imagine how I felt when I saw the following headline on Yahoo News:“Former teen who had sex with Polanski writing book“The article then goes on to say that,...more
Great post!  I feel strongly the same way about Polanski.  I bought a copy of Rosemary's Baby ...more

How The Oatmeal Turned Me Into A Humourless Feminist

There’s this comic from the Oatmeal that’s been making the rounds on my Facebook feed. It’s called My dog: the paradox, and it’s basically a sequence of short vignettes about how stupid and crazy (but ultimately loveable) this dude’s dog is....more

Failure Is Easy (And Sometimes Success Fucking Sucks)

I did a teaching demo today for the owners of a local yoga studio. It was an amazing opportunity – their space is beautiful, they have a ton of teachers that I love and respect on their schedule, and it’s walking distance from my house. I’ve known the two owners for nearly a year, and they’re wonderful women – both are amazing instructors who have a quiet, gentle presence that would put anyone at ease.Needless to say, I was fucking petrified....more

Bullying (or, nolite te bastardes, etc.)

I’ve written on here about some of the less-than fun stuff I went through as a teenager, but I think that last night was the first time that I’ve ever publicly referred to it as bullying. And now I kind of want to talk about it?A little bit of background:...more

On Bullying And Being A Clothes Horse

I like clothing. I like it a bunch, and not just because it gives me the ability to not be naked. If avoiding nudity was my only concern, I probably wouldn’t have as many clothes as I do.For those of you who don’t know me very well, let me be really super clear on something here: I own a lot of clothes. A lot....more

Meditations on Being a Feminist Parent

Unfortunately, Theo-the-puke-machine turned into Theo-the-poop-machine this afternoon. Which means that one of us has to stay home with him tomorrow. So here’s where things get tricky: as Theo’s mother, and the person who has been his primary caregiver for, oh, pretty much his entire life, I feel like I should be the one to stay home. But I won’t be, because, as a person who has recently joined Elizabeth Wurtzel’s Club Of Serious Grown Ups And For-Real Feminists, I have to, you know, go to work. Matt’s job is in some ways more flexible than mine, and it was easier for him, in this particular instance, to take the time off. This made me feel guilty. Because, really, doesn’t a sick baby need their mother most of all?...more
@shannonmariah Oh man, I can't even drive. Like, I've literally never even had my learner's ...more

Writing, Yoga and Doing What You Love

When you first start writing, chances are you’re not doing it for anyone other than yourself. You might begin by keeping a journal, or producing badly illustrated, yarn-bound books about anthropomorphic cats named Stubby, or else writing raw, angst-written teenage poetry by moonlight while the rest of your family (who, by the way, don’t understand you) are asleep. I mean, maybe. It’s not like I’m drawing examples from my personal life here or anything....more

The Racist Roots of the Pro-Life Movement

Most people probably think of abortion as being a fairly modern convenience, and imagine that the pro-life movement has probably been around for quite some time. For one thing, people who are pro-life often cloak their message in the Biblical idea of thou shalt not kill, and, you know, the Bible has been around for like forever. With that in mind, it wouldtotally make sense for anti-abortion sentiment to have been rampant and widespread for the last couple of hundred or even thousand years.Except that it hasn’t been....more

The Myth of the 39th Week Abortion

f you are a Canadian living in Canada (or even a Canadian living abroad, or maybe even a non-Canadian), you’ve probably been hearing a lot about Motion 312. I know I have!In case you’ve been living under a rock and/or you’re not up on Canadian politics, here’s a section of the motion that should give you a good idea of what it’s about:...more
joyell777 LakeMichJimbo WagaMuffin1 please give me the cite to this "right"more