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welcome to my mess.

Unbelieving Easter: When Good Friday Comes Alive

Easter is two days away....more

When We Have Crippled Ourselves with Absolutes

 "If you understand it, then it is not God."  - St. Augustine When I was a child, I made messes, as children do.  And, as parents do, mine would ask me to clean my room.  I would begin, not by tidying but by enlarging the current mess.  This perplexed and frustrated my parents, and I in turn would also feel frustrated, because they could not see, could not embrace my process. ...more

On Strength and Weakness {Lent 2014}

I am not used to living in my own strength.   ...more

The Girl I Once Was

The difference is as miraculous, as mundane as the ever-cycling day and nighttime. She used to be so sad, so small.  And maybe she is still, but less.  Life was one big contraction, growing inward while never releasing, birthing, breathing out.  Each year was a new level of rot growing down into her being, her heart an abscess.  And she did not know. No one that mattered had ever taught her in this fragile, formative years of her starshine, of the intrinsic value of every one of earth's vibrating lives, hers included. ...more

When World Vision Stands Up -- and Love is Knocked Down

photo by Jennuine Captures I know, I know....more

When We are Awakening

Big news -- I am so thrilled to be a part of the Sprout Online Magazine team!...more

When World Vision Stands Up -- and Love is Knocked Down

photo by Jennuine Captures I know, I know. The last thing the internet needs is another post on the World Vision debacle, right? But I have to speak up, because so many won't, saying it doesn't affect them, and because so many others are spewing words of poison and bigotry ....more

Everyday Acts of Courage

I used to rely on circumstance, on arranging it all just so....more

A Creative Kindred Conversation at {e} everyday art

If you know Erica of {e} everyday art, you know what a delight she is....more

Redemption Stories

Soul at Sea (prints available here) I didn't know that stillbirth still happened in the western world until it happened to me....more