Bethy H.

I'm a social media manager and writer by day at Credit Karma, blogger and social media addict by night. Hm, guess those aren't that different, are they? What can I say? I love what I do.

I have a style blog, but joined BlogHer to write about more personal matters and discover a community of like-minded tech-savvy women.

3 Free Smartphone Apps to Make Women the Masters of Their Financial Domain

Bad news for the gender gap. Women are less confident about finances than our male counterparts, according to a Financial Finesse report published this year. In fact we’re less confident about pretty much everything finance-related. Here are a few key findings of the survey:...more

Why Women Get a Bad Rap

For Valentine’s Day, I don’t expect a big bouquet of roses, artisan chocolates or an expensive diamond bracelet. Not because my husband is a deadbeat, but because it’s not the expectation we’ve set in our relationship. Plus, I don’t want those things. For Valentine’s Day, I’d rather eat some good food together and just enjoy one another’s company....more

You have children. I don't. That's OK.