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Rotten Wood and Spotty Internet

Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it’s off to Lowe’s we go. The Fokker dwelling has been diagnosed with water damage, AKA wood rot. Thus, the exterior of our abode must be coated with something. We can’t afford brick (more’s the pity) so it’s going to be all about the vinyl up in here. Happily, they now make vinyl siding that looks like stone. Like, you’d have to touch it to know it was fake looks like stone. ...more

Bundy's Bullshit

Right. Here’s a quick sum up of what’s happening at the whole Bundy Thing in Nevada:...more

Autism, Genes, and Pollution

Well, there is a new kid in town that Big Oil and Big Chemical companies will want you to ignore. In fact, they would like you to ignore this even more than they want you to ignore Climate Change, which is saying something....more

Rape Culture and the Misapplication of Power

One of the MANY heinous things about rape culture is its message about power. To be able to demand/force sex from someone IS power according to rape culture. Therefore, it should be no surprise that according to a:...more

Book Review of The Jade Temptress by Jeannie Lin

(I’m up over on The Romance Reviews again, reviewing the stuffing out of The Jade Temptress by Jeannie Lin. Imma repost it here, because I can.)...more

Does a uterus make you a liar?

Today, that’s to Tina Price-Johnson, I read something amazing by Soraya Chemaly. I liked her blog so much I joined Tumblr just to follow her. (Now, I have a blog on Tumblr. I feel very modern; like a real hep cat.)  The gist of Saroya Chemaly’s post was that our culture and many others train people (men and women both) to assume women are lying/liars: ...more

Look at me, NOT shutting up

Getting all kinds of butthurt over an opinion about the words you expressed publically during the process chastising another woman for not liking other’s opinions after she said something publically makes you a hypocrite. Trying to silence to silence a blogger indicates you are an ignorant twatwaffle unaware of the Streisand Effect. Trying to silence me makes you sorry.

Help! Help! I'm being oppressed!

Hmmmm ... my post from earlier has gone buh-bye. Fortunately it can still be read at my regular blog site: See y'all there!...more

Sexual Assault AWARENESS Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and I want to do my bit by helping spread the word about some rape/sexual assault issues that everyone needs to know. For one thing, we have a fucking epidemic of guys not knowing they have raped someone....more
Good post. The more women speak out this month, the better. The statistics are horrendous. ...more

Another Shooting at Fort Hood: Could Better Mental Health Care Have Prevented It?

There was another shooting at Fort Hood in Texas yesterday. Four people, including the shooter, are dead and 16 more are wounded. “Scott and White Memorial Hospital in nearby Temple, Tex., said it had received eight patients and expected one more. Three victims were in critical condition, and five others were expected to be upgraded from serious to fair condition overnight. The injuries included gunshot wounds to the abdomen, chest and neck.”...more
I think it's a little early for suppositions regarding this story. He "self reported" a TBI ...more