Chantilly Patiño

I’m a white mom in an interracial relationship, raising a Latina daughter and I believe that everyone can and should talk about race thoughtfully and honestly.  I believe in empowering mixed and multicultural families and educating others about white privilege and the role that we play in systems of racism and discrimination that continue to segregate this nation.

Join me as I explore race through the lens of the modern family via topics like interracial relationships, multiracial parenting and more.

Hispanic Heritage Is American Heritage

When I met my husband, I threw myself into every part of his Mexican culture. I learned to prepare traditional foods, like mole and capriotada for special occassions. I took Spanish in college, became the director of our church's annual Hispanic fiesta and eventually began planning our wedding that included items like a lazo, cojines and arras. There were so many new things to learn, but I never felt overwhelmed or out of place....more
Well said! As another commenter wrote out of passion & love and not bitterness. I'm ...more