It's Time For Snow Boots!

Some locales have already been walloped by snow. Do you have your boots ready?Here are the latest winter boots for you to peruse!...more

When I moved to Chicagoland, I was kind of anti-snow boot. I was in denial. So my mom just sent ...more

10 Great Gifts For Cooks

I love to buy presents for people who love to cook! It encourages them in their endeavors, and then I am gifted with cookies (or some such)! What to purchase for the cook in your life? I have a list (and links). ...more

I love to cook and would be thrilled with any of those gifts!

Judy ...more

It's Time for Cardigans!

It's finally cool in my neck of the woods and I'm loving it. We can put the flannel sheets on our beds and bundle up! We can build fires in our fireplaces and wear cozy clothes and get ready for snow! Not so into it? You can still enjoy the fashion opportunities that cool weather affords -- layering, boots, tights and gloves.  ...more

LOVE it! And I would wear it with everything! more

Men Are Toast

No one had told poor Rattcliffe that he should choose: one either goes with the Hipster Fro or the High Drama Facial Hair. Not both. Never both. ...more

Good stuff and you get a "at a girl"more

Would You Wear These Fashion Trends?

I just saw a list of Fall Fashion Trends, and I've written about trends before, but I  was wondering how many of them are truly wearable for regular women. I mean, I can see plenty of photos of celebrities perched on five inch heeled clogs whilst sporting mongolian lamb fur vests, but that doesn't mean I'm going to try it. What about you? Do you see yourself in any of the following seasonal fads? ...more

In my opinion, I cannot do animal prints, no matter how cute the article is. As for sequins, I ...more

How To Wear Leggings... If You're Over 40

The leggings trend is not going away. Year after year magazines and style blogs feature hundreds of great looks featuring all kinds of leggings. But, what if you aren't a twenty-something? And what if you weigh more than a hundred pounds? Can leggings look good on all kinds of women? You tell me. ...more
What a great insightful article. I design tunics for Yours Elegantly and love the tunics and ...more

Four Fall Fashion Trends

It's nearly Labor Day and, at my house, we are gearing up for fall. It might be warm out but I'm flipping through magazines, scanning my favorite retail sites, and gazing longingly at sweaters and coats.With autumn around the corner there are four fashion trends I keep seeing everywhere I look:CamelMinimalMad menGlamorous...more