Butt Paste Not Only Treats, It Also Protects

Original Boudreaux's Butt Paste not only treats, it also protects him from diaper rashes. It goes on really nicely and cleans off easily too. This diaper rash ointment also has a light, pleasant scent so Sadler and I both love it!...more

Do You Know Where Your Passwords Are?

Identity Safe can also help you fill out online forms with your address, credit cards, frequent flyer numbers, etc., share content via social networks and email, and find out whether a site is safe or bad before you visit. You can even use the Identity Safe Password Generator to create highly secure passwords that are difficult to crack or guess....more

Because I Am Addicted To The Internet

"Every month when I go to pay my credit card bill I panic just a little bit. Is it this password? Nope, must be this other one. Oh, wait, try this." It’s frustrating and ridiculous and sometimes it makes me cry like a little baby. Needless to say, I was thrilled when I was chosen to write about Norton Identity Safe. It’s a password manager, y’all. And it’s by Norton so I feel pretty safe using it."...more

One Magical Password with Norton Identity Safe

There are a few ways to prevent forgetting passwords. You can write them down, keep them in a word document, or allow your browser to remember them.But all of these have limitations, not the least of which being that they aren't exactly safe. Now there is an option that is safe, secure, convenient, and accessible from a computer or mobile device. It allows you to memorize one magical password that unlocks all of your passwords on any device you own. Norton Identity Safe....more

Norton Identity Safe: A Blogger’s Best Friend

I understand the importance of not using the same passwords over and over. Unfortunately, that makes it impossible to remember every password for every site I visit. And like many others, I stored my logins on my browser, which worked beautifully…until my hard drive crashed. Enter Norton Identity Safe. Now I can store all my passwords, plus a whole lot more, in one secure place which is accessible from multiple web browsers, devices and platforms, including my mobile phone....more

Norton Identity Safe is a Real Time Saver

If you're like me, you may have 5 bajillion passwords and multiple user names that you use for all of the various sites that you sign in to. On top of that you may sign in with different devices, like your computer, laptop or your smartphone. It can be difficult to keep track of it all and pretty darn nearly impossible to remember them. Norton Identity Safe provides an easier, safer solution to help us out....more

Girls’ Getaway and Discovering Connecticut

Two years ago, an idea quickly gained momentum. We needed a girls’ trip. The e-mails flew back and forth between me and three girls I went to high school with, and a plan started coming to fruition. Our requirements were simple.A fun spot to visit. Easy to get to. Not overrun with tourists. Far enough away that it felt like a mini vacation, yet close enough that we didn’t waste all our time driving....more

Trip to Kent, Connecticut and $1000 Giveaway!

 I’ve been to Kent many times, but no where near as often as I should, considering it’s charm and beauty. You won’t regret spending the day in this pseudo touristy town. Walk around the pretty downtown and stop in the charming gift shops and stores throughout the village. Have an iced coffee, cappuccino or chocolate truffles at Kent Coffee and Chocolate, or have a creamy gelato and sandwich at Panini Cafe....more

Consider a Connecticut Vacation

My husband and I love to take an occasional long weekend "get away" trip to stay in a romantic bed and breakfast located in one of the eight counties in Connecticut. We love to explore new towns and enjoy the wonderful hospitality we always find at each location....more

As Much Fun As You Can Fit In One Weekend

Between trips to the aquarium, the seaport, parks, and various bodies of water all I do is post about the fun we have living here....more