BlogHer Network Member News: Judy Schwartz Haley on CNN and More

Judy Schwartz Haley from Coffee Jitters appeared on CNN on their Heroes program to say thank you to her hero, Debbie Cantwell, and tell the world about the value and importance of her work. Debbie Cantwell started The Pink Daisy Project to help young women dealing with breast cancer. She came to Judy's rescue and hired housecleaning when she was too tired and weak from chemo to take care of the house herself. That allowed her to focus on what was really important: getting well and taking care of her baby. ...more

BlogHer Network Member News: Angie Smith Signs Three-Book Deal

Angie Smith from Bring the Rain just signed another three-book deal with Broadman and Holman Publishing....more
What crazy/awesome news across the network. Congrats, all!more

BlogHer Network Member News: Reagan Breinholt's Family Profiled in Reader's Digest

Reagan Breinholt (Reagan's Blob and Hairdresser on Fire) and her family are featured in the August edition of Reader's Digest....more

BlogHer Network Member News: Myne Whitman Featured in AfroElle Magazine

Myne Whitman, whose real name is Nkem Akinsoto and blogs at Myne Whitman Writes, was selected as one of the Women Making Moves for the summer issue of AfroElle. ...more

BlogHer Network Member News, June 30: Sarah Maizes on the Today Show

Sarah Maizes of Mommy Lite Online appeared on the Today Show and was featured on the Today Moms site....more

BlogHer Network Member News, June 23: LaurieAnna's Store Named One of the Best in Texas

LaurieAnna Hyatt-Sigler's store was named one of the top 5 places to shop in Canton, TX by Southern Living and one of the 50 best stores in Texas. LaurieAnna blogs at LaurieAnna's Vintage Home. ...more
I feel if a dog has a USA Made Dog Bed to sleep on, they will be better rested. The beds ...more

BlogHer Network Member News, June 9: Kate Wicker's Book Available for Pre-Order Now

Kate Wicker of Kate Wicker has a book, Weightless: Making Peace With Your Body, available for pre-order on Amazon. ...more

Just want to make sure those who are interested know that my Mothers of Intention book is more ...more

BlogHer Network Member News, June 3: Yo Gabba Gabba and the Emmys!

Ruth Schultz's husband (Ruth writes The Mom) is a co-creator of Yo Gabba Gabba and was nominated for an Emmy for "Outstanding PreSchool Children's Series" as well as "Outstanding Achievement in Art Direction/Set Decoration/Scenic Design." This is Yo Gabba's first time being nominated for best series, so they are pretty excited....more

BlogHer Network Member News, May 26: Katherine Aucena Interns for Emeril Lagasse's TV Show

Fresalina's Katherine Aucena recently started her internship with Emeril Lagasse's television show. Last weekend she helped Angelo Sosa from Top Chef Season 7 and Nikki Cascone from Season 4 during their challenge for Top Chef The Tour in New York City. ...more

Thank you Virginia. It is amazing. His team is great and I am learning so much from them and ...more

BlogHer Network Member News, May 16: Jamie Ivey's Adoption Documentary + More

Jamie Ivey from Dreaming Big Dreams is featured, along with her family, in a documentary that chronicles their adoption journey....more