Suzanne Davis

Suzanne is a mom, a blogger and a mom blogger at . When she's not amassing a ginger army to take over the world she enjoys doing the following things (mostly poorly): baking, photography, kitting, gardening, running and planning parties. You can also find her wasting time on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as "bebehblog".

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My Week(180) in iPhone Photos

180 is kind of a crazy number of weeks, right? I mean, I balk every year at doing a 365-project with my DSLR because who takes THAT many pictures?? But it turns out…Me ....more

Evan is 5! A Pirate Birthday Party

Evan choose a pirate birthday party for the big FIVE and it was super fun. My dad pointed out (several times) that a pirate birthday party might not be the MOST appropriate theme for a bunch of 5 year olds. Murdering, robbing, raping and pillaging don’t really seem like good party games for kids, but based on the internet pirate is still a really popular theme ....more

My Week(179) in iPhone Photos

Forgive me, it was party week, so I am late. Basically everything between now and August will be late, although my only real excuse will be “pregnant” or “giving birth”. Those actually sound like better excuses than a 5 year old’s birthday though ....more

We’ve Already Watched The Pirate Fairy DVD 4 Times

I am a member of the Collective Bias® ...more

Ridiculous Problems

I don’t actually want to eat any more of this ice cream but I also don’t really want to get up and go put it back in the freezer. This is not the first time I have had this dilemma. My children like being helpful so much they fight over who gets to bring me things so I always have to think of TWO things I need (a blanket and a drink, my slippers and my phone, etc) to avoid an argument ....more

My Week(178) in iPhone Photos

As of RIGHT NOW if someone knocked on the door I wouldn’t be ashamed to let them come in. All the general living areas of the house are in fairly decent shape with no visible disgusting messes. Except the basement ....more

Yo Ho Ho And A Pirate Treasure Map Cake

Ok, for real, officially, this is the LAST YEAR of the Epic Birthday Party for Evan. I think 5 years of big fancy at-home parties is enough. He’s at an age now where he’d probably rather go somewhere fun like the bowling alley anyway ....more

Baby #3 – 24 Weeks

Oh hey, want to hear about my pregnancy? It’s good! I am ready to officially say it’s good ....more

My Week(177) in iPhone Photos

I did more stuff this week than I’ve done in ages. I might die. Luckily (hahahahahahahaha NO NOT LUCKILY) we’re supposed to have a snowstorm this week so we’ll probably get a weather-related vacation in the middle of the week ....more

Never Boring {$100 Giveaway!}

Before I had kids I was bored a lot. I don't think I realized I was bored - I probably thought I enjoyed taking long naps and sleeping until noon and spending all my money on shoes. But it turns out I don't actually enjoy any of those things all that much. Well, I mean, obviously I still like naps. Everyone likes naps (except the children who actually should be taking them)....more