It's Father's Day Again But I Still Don't Remember My Mine...

It's Father's Day weekend again but I still don't remember mine....more

Tee It Up!

For a while now I have been telling Hubby that I want to start playing golf again....more

What Is More Southern Than FRIED GREEN TOMATOES?

The tomatoes in our garden are thriving....more

It's OK To Not Make Your Bed Sometimes...Isn't It?!

There were rules around my house when I was growing up concerning my bed....more

I Had Two Things On My Mind: Baking Bread and Making Jelly

When Friday hit, I had two things on my mind that I wanted to accomplish this weekend....more

Writing To My Daughter Today

Today I have posted on my other blog is you would like to read it, follow this link:...more

Beach Days: "A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words"...

Caitlin pulled her camera out and got some really great shots on this trip that I wanted to share with you....more

Babies On The Beach: "Getting To Know One Another"

Although Holli lives in Cleveland and Beckett lives in New Orleans, these two cousins have been together a lot since their births, only three months apart....more

Babies On The Beach!

David had a week off and called a few months back to ask Hubs and I if we would like to go to the beach with he, Codi and Beckett....more

A First Dance Recital

Around our town, May is known as "Dance Recital Month"....more