Bobbi Palmer

Bobbi Palmer is The Dating and Relationship Coach for Women Over 40. If you're a single woman over 40...scared of being alone forever, and losing hope of ever finding a special man...she will help you Find Hope and then teach you how to Find Him.

Bobbi was married for the first time at 47, and enjoys a loving and fulfilling relationship with her spectacular husband. As a coach, she compassionately and expertly shares her successes – and mistakes – with other grownup women looking for love. Bobbi provides personalized and group coaching to help you revive your dating life or end the cycle of dates that go nowhere. Email her at or call 562.608.8685. She invites you to read her blog and get other free tips and advice at

One Surprising Way Men Help Us While Hurting Us

It’s your fear of rejection that is getting you rejected. ~~ Bobbi PalmerI know…I write about rejection a lot: how to recognize when it is and isn't real; how there’s no such thing as rejection when you’re meeting guys using online dating; and how to learn from it, recover and move on to the next guy who will be better for you. (Yes! There WILL be a next guy!)When we say rejection hurts, it really does HURT....more

Why Married Men Adore You (Yet You're Not Getting Dates)

I've had three clients this week tell me how they tend to be buddies with men and gets no dates. It goes something like this:1. She talks to a lot of men and they seem to like her; but none ask her out.2. While she doesn't connect with single men, the married and attached men adore her. In fact, they tell her they can't figure out why she hasn't met a fantastic man yet....more

Let's Agree to Face Our Fear


Four Ways to Flirt with Flair and Class


Ten Tips to Kick-Start Positive Change

 All right, ladies. I trust we all got through Valentine’s Day, right? But let's make this your last February fourteenth when you don’t have a fab date! To do that, you’re going to have to make some changes. Put simply, stagnation is never good. When you refuse to change or embrace new challenges, you’re not going to get any of the good stuff that comes with opening yourself up to new experiences. ...more

nice simple tips, i'll keep it in mindmore

Valentine's Day: Make It All about YOU!


8 Ways to Prevent Turning to Mush around Single Men

I've heard the same thing from so many women this week that I had to ask you if this sounds familiar: "I'm generally a very friendly, confident gal...unless I'm in the company of a single man—especially one I'm attracted to. In that case I turn into mush."Why is it that when we meet or date attractive guys—even at 40, 50 or 60—we can become an Alien Woman from Planet WTF? ...more