Michele Eigler

I'm 58 and I live near Houston, TX. My husband and I have been married for 27 years, self-employed for the last 20. We have 2 great kids, 23 and 25. I used to be an illustrator and art director way back in the days, BC(before computers). The whole world went to computer art and I did not go along and learn computer art. I'm getting back into doing art, bit by bit. I started my blog because I thought it would be fun, which it is. I'm crazy for all animals, especially dogs.

BlogHer '10 Ticket Swap

Do you have a BlogHer '10 ticket that you can't use? Find someone to buy it from you here. Or if you need a ticket, say so - maybe someone can sell you one!...more

Hi. My BF just a last minute ticket to BlogHer. Does anyone have an extra ticket to the People's ...more

NEW! BlogHer '10 Serenity Suite by Heather of the EO and Maggie, Dammit

Calling all recovering alcoholics and addicts, sufferers of anxiety, survivors of abuse, needers of a safe space and general all-around party people! (What, too much?)Introducing: The BlogHer Serenity Suite. Room 4307 ...more

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Houston Area BlogHer Pre-Conference Meet Up!

Things that are (at least rumoured to be) improved upon by the act of breaking:•    Bread•    Legs•    Bad•    Dawn•    Tameshiwari•    News•    Benjamins•    Vowels•    Electric Boogaloos*•    The Ice ...more

I'll be there+1. Since it's at Mortons I'm assuming that I'll actually have to wear shoes, ...more

Mackenzie Phillips: Incest, drugs, fame and blame

Unless you were living under a rock last week, you likely either saw or heard that Mackenzie Phillips was on Oprah, discussing her upcoming book, High on Arrival, and what Phillips claims was the dark secret her family tried to ignore for years: That she and her father had a 10-year long incestuous (and, eventually, in her words, consensual) affair. ...more

It's hard for me to really realize just how many girls and young women have had to go through ...more