Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, Day 2

Day 2 was Hiking Day for the students of the Coloma Discovery School (see what we did on Day 1 here!). ...more

Things that suck (and rock) about being tall

Dear PeaYesterday I posted a photo of you on Facebook; it was taken yesterday at your dance concert. ...more

Coloma Outdoor Discovery School, Day 1

Fourth Grade seems to be the time when the schoolwork starts getting serious: ...more

Letter to my sons, March 20 2014

Today is Day 2 of 3Po's and Jammy's 3-day school field trip to the Coloma Outdoor Discovery School. ...more

Letter to my sons, March 19 1849

photo courtesy of I can't believe it has been three years since we sent The Pea off on her first overnight class field trip! ...more

Kauai Island, Hawaii

My family has visited so many lovely beaches in the Philippines, and there are so many more we have yet to visit, we tend to overlook a certain set of famous beaches somewhat nearer to home: ...more

Exploring STEM careers at the Expanding Your Horizons conference

A few weeks ago I wrote about ways to get girls interested in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) careers, and I wrote about how I was keen to make sure that The Pea realizes how many opportunities there are in those fields, should she choose to pursue them. ...more

I'm going to the Happiest Conference on Earth!

Today's Travel Tuesday post is less about where I've been, and more about where I'm going: ...more

Trying New Things

Every so often, an opportunity comes your way that takes you out of your comfort zone. ...more

Dear Anti-Gay Person, you're not being a Good Christian. You're being a Bigot.

The anti-gay crowd -- especially the self-proclaimed educated, the intellectuals, the rational ones -- are always quick to defend themselves against comparisons with the black civil rights movement. ...more