Elizabeth Tyre

I'm an "older" Mom (48) with a 4.5 year old little boy (Ryan) with High Functioning Autism. I have 4 adult children (all a year apart in age), and each one had to overcome their own obstacles (from high IQ's to ADHD, OCD to Anxiety Disorder), and 4 grandchildren (2 of which have ADHD). My oldest grandchild is only 6 weeks older than Rayn. I've led a full interesting life, and the journey continues with my special little boy!

It is my hope by joining websites and blogs concerning Autism, I can help and be helped by other parents out there facing the challenges of raising an Autistic child.One of my favorite autism websites is called myautismteam.com, and in the months since I became a member, I've started blogging. Quite a few of the Mom's on that site blog, and recommended it as a "cheap" form of therapy. I have absolutely no skills, and since I am from the Baby Boomer generation, I'm learning blogging very slowly. I agree with the other Mom's of Autisctic children though, this IS a great form of therapy! I didn't expect to start having followers or subscribers, but Ryan and I have family and friends everywhere! They drive my need to write about Ryan, so they dont miss the best bits and pieces of raising him.  It is his audience that I write for..his family who miss him, my family who miss both of us, and the friends flung far and wide that we both miss terribly. I also write for my many cyber friends, as they are precious to me too.

So here's to trying to get better at this therapy! Peace be with you all...

My blogs are www.fifthandfinal.com (For Ryan?...Always!), and                                   bornbeth-forryanalways.blogspot.com

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things:On Ryan's Lighter Side

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things: On Ryan's Lighter Side...This is a post copy form my blogspot site, and is used to introduce myself and Ryan to BlogHer. Hello and peace be with you all. :) ...more
@bornbeth I look forward to seeing more of you :)more