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Does My Child Have to Be Better Because She's Black?

I've had teachers say it to me. Lots of my mentors said it. Once, a supervisor at work mentioned it. I've overheard folks telling their own children, educators telling other people's kids, and I'm sure that I've even said it a time or two in my years of teaching. ...more
ValBoaten YES!!! "Our expectations of our children should not be based on what other perceive, ...more

Better Than Dad

This is awesome! Kudos to your Terrence and the countless men who do the same but do not get the ...more

I Will NOT Stress Out Over This Wedding

photo credit: styled and shot by Christine & AJ ( ...more
@sayitrahshay I LOVE that, Rachee! "It is a big deal, but it is not the deal". That sums it up ...more

Tips to Protect Black Childhood

Even before I became a mother, I was fiercely protective over little Black girls. Often forgotten and minimized, it was my goal since I was a young girl myself to uplift and encourage our precious babies. I worked with middle school girls for years, pushing them beyond their self and society imposed boundaries, and loving them with all of my heart. Even with my great expectations and high standards, because I knew what they were going through, because I had been through what they were going through, I maintained a safe place for them, always, where they were allowed to be chidren....more
Great article Brandi.  I love #1.  We need to call a thing a thing as Iyanla would say and call ...more