Brandy Wilson

31-year old wife & mother who loves to eat vegetarian, read good books, drink margaritas, shop at Target, watch mindless television, and cook! I'm also a baby loss mama-- lost our firstborn son at full term to stillbirth in December 2010. Our second son was born in 2012 and our third and final child, a daughter, was born abruptly via emergency c-section in January of 2014. We might be closing up shop with pregnancy, but our lives are all kinds of crazy with these kids.

New Blog Header

My incredible friend Alli changed my header for me a few years ago... but since then I've had two more kids and feel like I look nothing like the girl in the snuggie anymore. I'm sprouting gray hairs, no longer claim to be in my 20s and living a very mom life ....more

Terrible, They Are.

The twos...more

A Real DIY Project: IKEA Jokkmokk Chairs Updated

So maybe my last post about my DIY water table cover wasn't exactly DIY... but I did order it myself and think up the concept. I'm just thrilled about the outcome.This one though, it's all DIY-friendly.We recently hopped on over to our local Crate & Barrel Outlet store and bought a kitchen table ....more

$12 DIY, No Sew, No Tool Water Table Cover

If you're like me, you probably thought a water table would be loads of fun for your kids. It's easy! They play with water, they can't drown, it's perfect for sensory awareness and it's right in your big or small yard!They'll just play happily while you make dinner!Right.Except, if you're also like me, after its first use, you have no clue what to do with the bulky table that gets all sludgy and filled with rainwater ....more

Angelcare Luv

Claire is napping in her carseat right now. She's congested and the elevation is what she needs to keep her snoozing. That carseat also gave everyone in the house 9+ hours of sleep last night (well, except me because I kept waking in anticipation of a feeding that never happened).But when she's in her crib.. ....more

Kitchen Cobwebs

My kitchen gets used all the time. Nonstop, really. It's the hub of the house and I wouldn't have it any other way ....more

From Teacher to Parent

I enrolled Benjamin in a local Parent's Day Out summer program to get him used to going to "school" for the fall. We planned to enroll him at the same place, but we might be shifting gears and switching because the availability of days is just not available to us (read: I am the idiot who didn't research registration and the days I wanted are full). I called it "school" because I wanted him to associate with Daniel Tiger and how the characters attend school ....more

B, B & B

B is for Bus.Benjamin loves bus rides. He loves just about all vehicles. In an effort to spice up the excitement since the husband was out of town last week, I wanted to plan something that would be new and fun for us both ....more

Marriage & Kids

Kids literally suck out all of your energy. Energy for doing anything for yourself like reading, watching a TV show, going out with friends, having an enjoyable dinner...I'm finding more and more that kids are sucking the life out of my marriage. Not that we are having issues, because we're totally fine ....more

Putting on the Brakes

I find myself savoring the smallness that Claire is right now. And it's wonderful. She's already doubled her birth weight and looks like a full-on baby right now ....more