Brandy Wilson

30-year old wife & mother who loves to eat vegetarian, read good books, drink margaritas, shop at Target, watch mindless television, and cook! I'm also a baby loss mama-- lost our firstborn son at full term to stillbirth in December 2010 and our second son was born in February 2012. And oh yeah... baby #3 is cooking away and due in February.

Long Weekend in St. Petersburg, Florida

Claire has officially and successfully checked off her first flight. She was 12 weeks for hers and Benjamin was 6 weeks. Benjamin also had a first ....more

Gaw-bee Visit & Serious Deals

My mom was in town this past weekend and it was so nice. Those of you who have parents that live locally to spend time with the grandkids or just give you a break every now and then don't know how lucky you are! Or maybe you do.Benjamin was beside himself with happiness that "Gaw-bee" was in town ....more

Venturing Out

Chicago winter this year has been brutal. We've only had a couple days above 40 degrees, and that usually peaks during naptime. It just hasn't been outside/park weather.My poor, pitiful toddler has been cooped up in the house and has only been able to venture out to stores and storytime lately ....more


Our house is lucky to have a Chief Toilet Flusher these days.That's right. During all of his waking hours, Benjamin takes the opportunity to follow everyone into the bathroom, open the lid for them and wait for them to finish their business. Then, he flushes and puts the toilet seat down ....more


The middle child is obsessed with sweets. I realize it's totally our fault for introducing them, but we are also fans of the sugary stuff and sort of take on the thought that life is just too short not to indulge. Sure, within reason and all that jazz ....more

General Updates and Rambling

- Claire is gaining weight and doing it well. I emailed a number of my friends last month after a mediocre pediatrician visit. They wanted me to see a lactation nurse and I already feel like I can write a book on the subject with all my experience in the hospital, NICU and readings ....more

Little Nuances

I've spent the last few days doing the single mom gig. The husband is away on business and I've been dreading him leaving. It really has nothing to do with the daytime, as I'm solo with that daily anyway ....more

We Celebrated! We Painted! We Ate!

The little mister turned two on Sunday.Two. Let's just take a moment to let that sink in.We threw a party. Not an insane party for the family who has a not-even-six-week-old baby in the house, but a party to celebrate the little boy that brought us back to life ....more

The Day He Became a Whole Lot More Expensive to Fly With

His birthday itself was a relaxed and fun day.I decorated his door with streamers the night before so he'd wake up to that. Of course we lock him in his room, so it's not like he would walk out on his own, but anyway. He was pretty excited.He helped make a smoothie (his favorite because he can press the blender buttons!) and his number 2 pancake with sprinkles ....more

Big Brother, Little Sister

When Benjamin was born, he was gifted with a little brother...more