Brittany Dixon

Healthy living fanatic with focus on healthy eating for babies and kids. Wife. Mom to two. Vizsla lover. Outdoor enthusiast. Wanna-be chef extraordinaire. 

Friday Favorite: Nursing Tank

I have something I need to confess in the spirit of staying honest. Remember how I shared how we ditched the paci? Well it was working just fine until yesterday afternoon ....more

The Many Hats We Wear

Yesterday morning I popped out of bed and put on my blogger hat. I edited pictures, hammered out emails and chatted with y’all. Then I heard a tiny, newborn (is 7 weeks still a newborn??) squeak and switched into my mom hat ....more

My Lazy Girl Omelet

I was determined that yesterday was going to be a good day whether it liked it or not after the previous day’s antics. And every good day starts off with a good breakfast, right? So I spent a little more time and mess to create a hearty one to start off this WIAW ....more

Life is What You Focus On

You know those days that just line up perfectly? The hours flow together smoothly and both kids are sleeping peacefully for naps at the same time? Well, yesterday was pretty much the opposite of that ....more

How We Finally Ditched the Paci

When Hailey was born I was adamant about no pacifier ever coming close to touching her lips. Fast forward 2.5 years and my child was in love with the thing. Granted, we slowly had started weaning her off it and finally it was just down to bed time only ....more

Healthy Summer Meal Ideas

While browsing the ‘nets and nursing I came across 24 Things We Suddenly Become Obsessed with in Our Late 20s and chuckled my way through it. It’s eerily accurate. The proof is in the fact that on July 4th we celebrated with friends (pics to come!) and last night we sat out back, David reading and me, meal planning ....more

Happy 4th of July!

So we decided to throw an impromptu get together… We set up tents and baby pools and are ready to enjoy the sunshine whether we have 2 people or 20! I know Koda is excited that her buddy Sadie is coming to play! She’s been pouting because no one has gotten in the water with her yet… No matter the turnout, I love me some 4th of July! ...more

Munchkin Meals: A New Development

This might be a rather lack luster Munchkin Meals post on my part. Taking pictures of Hailey’s meals has really fallen off the priority list at the moment and posting a picture of Kaitlyn’s current meals would be inappropriate, though may result in some serious page views… hm… I kid, I kid. Still, I’ve managed to snap a few… Basic breakfast: one of these waffles with peanut butter, fruit and maple syrup ....more

Day in the Life: 6 Weeks & 2 1/2 Years Old

I’m just go ahead and say it. This post is entirely too long, contains way too many pictures and probably more minute detail than anyone cares to know, but here it is in all it’s wonderful, mundane glory… Prelude: I’m considering anything after midnight the start of the day, so around 3:30 I hear Kaitlyn fussing. David hands her to me for a quick feeding, then right back down ....more

Fitting in Exercise as a Mom to Two

I had my 6 week postpartum check up on Friday morning. It didn’t take the doctor long to let me know that I’ve healed well and I’m now clear for all activities. My first reaction was elation, then I found myself wondering when the heck do I have time to workout?? ...more