Caryl Mostacho


Party with the Dinos

Ever wanted to spend a night at the museum? While it isn't quite as fantastical as the movie, the Royal Ontario Museum's Friday Night Live gives Torontonians a chance to party with the dinosaurs and any of the museum's other inhabitants....more

Red Pepper Soup and more!

As you've probably surmised by reading my blog, I do a lot of eating out! Even when it isn't Random Dinner Night or time for Brunch I'm usually too tired or too lazy to make dinner. This is a bad habit!...more

Becoming Katniss

Vanessa surprised me last month with a belated birthday present, an hour lesson learning the fine art of the bow and arrow with Silver Swords Armouries.   Who wouldn't want to learn how? Look how badass you look!...more

Hot Finals at Toronto Hottest Chef!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the finals for Toronto Hottest Chef.  An online voting contest narrowed down our top 9 finalists which led to an epic canapé battle in the Great Hall.  Our very own Squiggy was a top 9 finalist out of 24! ...more

Welcome to the Disco ... Breakfast!

Disco Nap noun  A period of short sleep, often 20-30 minutes in length with the purpose of refreshing or recharging prior to dancing at 'da club'Now I'm not sure if that's what they mean by disco at the Lakeview Restaurant but one thing is sure: Their Disco Breakfast will keep you dancing for hours....more

Pearl Court Dim Sum Review

From it's early beginnings along the Silk Road, Dim Sum has been a staple in Chinese Culture. Dim Sum, literally meaning "touch the heart" was originally a snack created for weary travellers. ...more

NaBloPoMo Challenge

It’s National Novel Writing Month and while I’m not ready to commit to writing a full length novel in one month. I am excited about NaBloPoMo: National Blog Posting Month.  So yes! I will posting every day in November so stay tuned to get a lot of updates from me this month. Can’t wait for this new challenge and I hope I’m able to share lots of new restaurants, awesome receipts and even some pretty cool events!Talk to you again very, very soon!...more

Murray Street Brunch Review

I have a confession. I may have been holding out on you, Ottawa. I found another place that serves top notch food in your fair city over the summer that I haven't told you about. Frankly, I am not sure why I haven't raved about it here yet! I may have held on to this secret because ... well , look at these pictures! Doesn't it seem to good to be true?...more
Karen Ballum It's wonderful! I only get to visit Ottawa now and again so I was pleasantly ...more