Barbara Shallue

Let's see ... what should I say about me? Well, so far in my 54 years I've been a librarian, a welder's helper, chemical plant operator, newspaper reporter, waiter in a winery bistro... ah, the rest are pretty boring.  They brought in a paycheck, but aren't worth mentioning otherwise.

Over and above it all, I'm a writer, a mom, a wife, a friend ... you get the picture. Those are the important things to me.

I'm an Empty Nester, living in my little corner of Paradise we call Long Hollow with my husband, our two dogs and loving it. I write about everything (seriously ... everything!) in my blog, Long Hollow and now post photos from my latest obsession, photography, at Confessions of a Photography Addict.

But it all adds up to one thing: Life is one Big Adventure and I can't wait to see what's waiting around the next corner!


One little known fact about me: my husband proposed just two weeks after we met and we were married on a Friday the 13th. Yes, we're still married, going on #29.

Surprise Blessings

Mama lies in a hospital bed beside me, still groggy from anesthesia. I listen to her breathing, every now and then glancing up from...more

Whew! I made it! (and other sweet!s in a birthday week)

Considering it's past midnight on a long Tuesday...which means it's actually Wednesday...which means this post is at least two days late...this sweet! list is going to be a little more blurry and jumbly than most. My excuse is I'm a whole year older than I was last week...which means time is going by ten times faster ....more

My Bluebonnet Fix (and other sweets of the week)

This is one of my favorite times of the year, when bluebonnets appear almost overnight, splashing the roadsides as if the sky leaked blue. I spend a lot of time driving those roads and I've been aching to stop and say hello to our brief visitors. They'll be gone in just a few weeks ....more

Sweet Reflection

I have a confession:...more

Birds of a Feather...

...don't always just flock together. I noticed the robins and the cedar waxwings liked to hang out in the same trees. Sometimes the robins flew solo, though ....more

Blame it on the Moon

I'm not really blaming the moon for anything. It accompanied me on one of my morning walks this week and I just wanted to share the photos with you. I just thought it was a catchy title! ...more

Hills, Trees, and Lake Views (Property Tour Tuesday!)

I spent the morning exploring the north shore of Lake Travis with friends, visiting beautiful homes. It was Property Tour Tuesday! Many of the homes we visited today were on the lake, or at least had a lake view....more

Canyon Wrens, Laptops, Irish Beer, and other Sweet!s

I sat on the front porch for a few hours this afternoon. The sunshine and blue sky were so crisp I couldn't stand to be inside any longer. I grabbed my laptop and planted myself in a rocking chair facing the birdfeeder to listen to training webinars while watching a cardinal and tufted titmouse take turns, always keeping one eye on me ....more

Irish Blessings on St. Patrick's Day

Bridget Shallue was just 52, younger than I am now and already a widow, when she said goodbye to Ireland in 1852 with her grown children...chased away by the potato famine, I'm sure. If she ever returned, it isn't mentioned in the family lore. Accompanied by two daughters and two sons, Bridget first arrived in Quebec, traveled to New York, and finally settled in Wisconsin in 1856 ....more

Life in the Underground (and other sweet!s)

Austin is a wild place right now, caught up in South by Southwest fever. I wish I had the time to just hang out downtown all day and night, catching interesting seminars and random stars performing. Maybe next year.. ....more