Word Nerd

I love word games. Scrabble, Boggle, anagrams, crossword puzzles, word jumbles... I play Scramble on Facebook like one would play Solitaire --game after game after game. When the kids call to me, I answer them without taking my eyes off the screen, my fingers poised above the keys ready to enter the next word I could find: "Mommy's concentrating. Don't distract me. Later, okay?" Only when the time runs out (three minutes per round) do I turn around to see what they wanted... or if I ...more

Big Brother, Little Sister

Me: Josh, can you please keep an eye on Zoë while I go to the washroom?Josh: Sure, Mom. (He has taken to calling me "Mom" instead of Mommy of late.) ...more

Holy Pears!

Josh was having pears for his morning snack and Zoë, pointing to her bowl, announced that hers were apples. I told her that hers were pears, too, and I did the baby sign for PEAR. Zoë: Pears? (Doing the sign for PEAR).Me: That's right, Zoë. Those are pears (Sign PEAR).Zoë: Pears. *Gummy grin*  Mother, son, holy pears, 'men. (Sign PEAR). ...more

A 3-Year Old's Mind

I was trying to organize some files and came across the following nuggets of wisdom by Josh (when he was 3yo): One time when we were in the car playing the "When xxx grows up, what will it become?" game, Josh announced that --When taxis and cars grow up, they become buses; ...more

"Old Daddy" - I love it!


An Interview with My 4-Year Old

A friend forwarded to me a set of questions that she asked her two kids and I thought I'd try to do the same with my 4-year old. 1. What is something Mommy always says to you?JOSH: Stop and I love you. ...more

(I actually have the original post on my blog, too.  I'm still trying to understand how ...more

The Last Word... Always

Sometimes just for kicks, I'd throw silly questions at Josh just to see what answers he'd come up with. I thought I'd do a simpler version of this game with Zoë. Me: Which one do you like better, Zoë --Pooh or Tigger?Zoe: Tigger.Me: Okay, how about Tigger or Piglet?Zoe: Piglet.Me: Piglet or Roo?Zoe: Roo!Me: Roo or Owl? ...more