Caitlin Boyle

Caitlin Boyle, the blogger behind Healthy Tipping Point and Operation Beautiful, began blogging in 2008. Caitlin had worked as a freelance writer and technical writer for seven years, but in September 2009, she resigned from her corporate job to write a book based on Operation Beautiful, which is now in stores.


Caitlin writes a daily food and fitness blog, Healthy Tipping Point, which chronicles how Caitlin balances her busy lifestyle with healthy eating and exercise. Readers relate to her “Everywomen” experiences and enjoy her 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, and Marathon race recaps.  Caitlin utilizes her personal blog as a way to encourage other women to stay healthy and active and seeks to remind readers that there the “healthy ideal” looks different for every woman.

Operation Beautiful originally began on Healthy Tipping Point. In June 2009, Caitlin was inspired to post a note that simply read “You Are Beautiful!” in a public restroom. She took a picture of her note and posted it on Healthy Tipping Point. The response from her readers was instantaneous, and Caitlin’s e-mail was flooded with photographs of notes posted all over the country. Within two days, Caitlin knew she had a phenomenon on her hands and launched Operation Beautiful. The site was noticed by a literary agent in July, and the rest is history.

Caitlin is 26 years old and lives in Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband and her two dogs.  In addition to blogging, her other writing experience includes a five-year stint as a contributing columnist for The Wall Street Journal Classroom Edition. Caitlin attended the University of Pittsburgh and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Non-Fiction Creative Writing.

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