I'm Callie, and I am the sole writer for our family's blog. I write about my world as a Mom and Wife, My Faith, but rarely will I ever get too serious. I write mostly about our two sweet girls, Caroline and Molly, and their daily shenanigans. I also love to share recipes that I've found are great, or at least really fun to do with kids. I'll occasionally share a new product or company that I've found that I think is great as well!

I started my blog in November of 2008, when I was pregnant with Caroline. We were living in Greenville, South Carolina at the time, and I wanted a way to share what was going on with us and my pregnancy, with our families. We moved back home to Atlanta when Caroline was 6 weeks old, and then I wanted to keep the blog going for my friends in South Carolina, as well as those who didn't live in Atlanta. In April of 2011, Molly Grace was born, and so began my life as a mom of 2!

I love taking pictures, learning how to take pictures, and sharing ones I've taken. I'm rarely in front of the lens, but my two subjects are way cuter anyways! ;)

I enjoy blogging, and probably should do it more often; I feel very accomplished when I hit the "publish" button, but life with 2 active girls can get in the way! I've made numerous amounts of friends blogging though, and love keeping up with both my IRL friends who blog and those who I only "know" through their blogs.

More than anything else, this blog is a snapshot of our life; A way for me to chronicle/journal/scrapbook, whatever you want to call it, and remember these days {both good and bad} that I have with my children and family. I already enjoy looking back on posts from when Caroline was itty bitty, I can't wait to share these moments with our girls when they are older, even though I'm sure they'll be too busy for me. The days are long, but the years are short!

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I absolutely LOVE Etsy! Love it. Here's the problem though, there's way too much out there. I do a search for "children's seersucker" and pages upon pages come up. Who has time to sift through all of that?I've tagged a few of my favorites shops in hopes of helping you out and hoping you enjoy their shops and products as much as I do!Mad Lucy Paper...more