Krystal Hillier

Thanks for dropping in! I am a mom to four amazing children, 3 boys and our newest addition A GIRL!!! Hannah is 2, Karter is 4, Dax is 5, and Keenan is 6. Wow are boys and girls sooooo even notice it in the very early years! My boyfriend name is Danny (yes I said boyfriend) I am STILL waiting for a ring....but I know it will come :) Danny works for an oil patch company and thankfully is home every night. I honestly don't know what I would do if he had to go to camp (which is a pretty big thing here in Dawson Creek, BC) Dawson is a small town but its not too small, we have a decent amount of stores and things to do around here. The town is pretty family orientated. So more about my family! This may be hard grasp at first but Keenan (6) and Karter (4) are from a previous relationship I was in since I was 16. Dax (5) is Danny's son from a previous relationship, and Hannah (2) is our beautiful princess together :) The boys are mostly with us aside from my ex takes K6 and K4 on the weekends for the most part, and Dax goes with his mom once every 3-6 months unless she goes through a phase and takes him more. Makes me sad for him but at least he has me :) We try to do as much as we can as a family and enjoy life to its fullest! I can't wait to start blogging and hearing your comments ;)

Loss of memory after having kids...

Where do I begin? I think the biggest thing I am struggling with right now after having kids is my memory! I think it gets worse the more kids you have. Hannah was my 3rd pregnancy and after her my short term memory has disappeared. I remember things that happened a long time ago, but can't seem to remember anything recent. I forget birthday parties, handing in forms for the kids for school, and what I needed from the store. I will go downstairs to get meat out of the freezer and end up switching laundry over then going back upstairs! How horrible is that?...more
@Lorifitz thank you for your advice :) I will definitely be trying to alarm on my phone :)more