Cara Lyons

Hello! I am a blogger and freelance recipe developer focusing on healthy, wholesome clean eating. I love all kinds of food, but pumpkin, goat cheese and chocolate may be my favorites. I enjoy developing recipes for special diets such as gluten free and vegan because it gives me the chance to work with all kinds of ingredients and bring more variety into my kitchen and diet. In addition to my blog, Cara's Cravings, you can find my original recipes in Clean Eating Magazine and Simply Gluten Free Magazine.


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Cinnamon-Spiced Fish Tagine with Raisins and Capers

A few notes about this recipe: You can use any type of white fish, but I'd urge you to try something other than tilapia. Sure, tilapia is well-liked due to its low cost, wide availability, and mild taste that plays to its versatility and makes it a highly recommended first foray into seafood for non-fish eaters. But why do you think it's so cheap, so available, and so, well, lacking in flavor? Due to farming practices, of course. Tilapia are easy to mass-produce because they eat pretty much anything, which means farmers can get away with feeding them a lesser quality diet that is certainly not like what they'd eat in the wild. Unfortunately this results in a fish containing minimal amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and elevated levels of omega-6 fatty acids, which is not a very healthy combination if you're trying to eat more fish to improve heart-health....more