Caroline Poser

Mom to three sons ages 14 and under, I'm a software marketing professional by day and moonlight as an author and columnist.

The Smiling Woman: How a Stranger Saved Me

This month marks the 10-year anniversary of my re-entry into Corporate America. I had been working at home on a consulting basis and had a couple of regular clients and ad hoc projects, with my kids at a nearby daycare center part-time. But when my favorite client could not renew my contract, I updated my resume and began interviewing....more
what a touching story.  Here's a Mother Teresa quote"Everytime you smile at someone, it is an ...more

The Shape of a Family

Life Swap

I overheard a couple of managers at the supermarket talking while I was picking out bread. One was suggesting to the other that instead of “Wife Swap,” there ought to be a show called “Life Swap” where people have to switch jobs and circumstances and bills.I couldn’t help but interject, “That is such a good idea!”“I know, right?” one of the guys said.“Yeah, it could be really interesting.”“And it might not,” the other guy replied....more

Pajama Night

Ah, Pajama Night…It reminded me of the good old (hard) days a decade ago when the kids were little and shaking up the dinner-bath-bed routine with Pajama Night was one of my compliance insurance ploys (boys who haven’t had dessert yet are far easier to manage than boys who have nothing to look forward to but bedtime).<><><>...more

Let it snow

“Blah blah blah,” I wrote. “And sorry to take so long to reply... Things are good but so busy....more

When is good enough?

I'm not going to dig through unpacked boxes to find the holiday themed cupcake wrappers: cupcakes are awesome no matter what wrapper they come in. I won’t squeeze in a shoe shopping trip for the outfit I am planning to wear to the office party: I already have a workable pair. I do not have to volunteer for or donate to every cause presented to me. I don’t need to attend every holiday fair or party…<><><>...more

My "godless" childhood

No wonder I used to daydream. And count things like panes in the magnificent stained glass windows and people’s heads in the rows in front of me, or pick at my fingernails… <><><> Last weekend we had Tom’s company Christmas party in Newport, RI, which is where I lived as a child. We decided to stay over since it would have been a long, late-night drive back, and plus his manager offered to subsidize the hotel room....more

The many paths to success

I wondered exactly when it is that our childhood career dreams die and we have to get practical. Certainly not everyone’s die: there really are plenty of veterinarians, hairdressers, policemen, doctors, nurses, and firemen in the world, as well as numerous professional athletes, musicians, and actors...however, dreams do change as we move along our life path....more

It's only a game

This is a story I didn’t know if I would ever tell because it does not have a happy ending....more

TV or not TV -- that is the question

“…and he wants to go over to so and so’s to watch the game because we don’t have cable…” I was explaining the evening’s logistics to another mom watching our sons’ baseball game go into extra innings and why one of my other sons was texting me.“Yet,” she concluded, since she knew we had just moved into a new house.“No, at all. I have internet and phone already – I needed that for work right away.”...more