Carol Rood

I am a 40ish woman in a relationship with a beautiful woman. We have 4 kids, three of whom live at home, one who has moved out. I am also a blogger who can be found at Coffee, Clutter and Chaos. I am a retired Navy Corpsman, and a part time Skin Care Specialist for Quarles Dermatology. I love my life even though it is full of craziness!!

Yellow Tomato Rotini. Easy delicious summertime pasta salad!

I started growing a garden a few years ago. I started planting tomatoes and a few herbs in pots.  The next year I made a 6x6 plot in the back yard to plant some tomatoes, herbs and peppers.  This year we made the garden bigger and added green beans cucumbers, and watermelons to the mix.  This was my harvest this morning:...more

The most beloved dog ever!

In tribute to Throw Back Thursday (#tbt) I have decided to repost the FIRST blog post I EVER wrote.  In 2008 I decided I wanted to write. My blog was called "Glass Half Full". My writing style was a bit different, but not so much!  Have any of you ever had a "forever dog"?...more

Mandatory Family Fun! Sometimes I force my teens to hang out with the parents!

I write about my kids a lot.  I suppose that can be boring to read about after awhile, but to be honest, my life really does revolve around my family, and these two boys and I are home together this summer, so I am with them a lot! (not so much fun for them, but I am sure enjoying it)I think I am a "normal" average mom, I like to spend time with my family....more

Chewy Chocolate Cookies! Gluten Free

I LOVE the chocolate meringue cookies I get at Starbucks.  They are chocolatey, chewy, and only 160 calories! I was trying to find a recipe to make these cookies and found one at Recipe Girl.  I adapted it some.  I used less sugar, and a different kind of chocolate chip, but otherwise they are so simple there are no changes to be made. They turned out delicious.  No more spending money on cookies at Starbucks for me!!  I can freeze these bad boys and take one out  to defrost whenever I need a fix....more

Hurricane Arthur is ruining my plans to dump the poop tank

I like to camp.  I like going camping.  In the mountains, in the woods, at the beach, wherever.  I just like camping.  In my younger days I camped in a tent.  One of those dome type tents that has a zipper door and a zipper window on the other side....more

You can't argue with science! What contraception IS and what it ISN'T!! Why the Hobby Lobby case is ludicrous!

The Hobby Lobby case has certainly got people stirred up. Religious freedom??  Corporations are more important than people??  Corporations ARE a "person"??...more
survivelivethrive You are so welcome!!  It was important for me to break through the rhetoric ...more

Growing Old Gracefully....Take Care of Your Skin in the Sun!

When I was in my 20's I always thought about being in my 30's and 40's and thought "that is SO old!!".  I couldn't really fathom what my life would/could be like at those ages, and to be honest I was truly living in the moment and not thinking about aging too much....more

An occasional "Mom Win" feels great!!!

Being a mom is not an easy job.  From the beginning it can be daunting.....I read EVERY  "What to Expect" book there was.  I still had no clue what to do when somehow nursing didn't come easy, (both Joe Cool and The Genius) or why my baby screamed in the swing that was supposed to soothe him (The Genius), or what to do when my baby was so colicky and cried and cried from 7-9 pm EVERY night for his first 5 weeks of life (Joe Cool)....more

I am a nontraditional College student and I love it!!

I grew up in Fairfield Connecticut.  I went to Roger Ludlowe High School (now called Fairfield Ludlowe High School I believe). This school was not just a high school, it was called a "College Preparatory" school.    So I guess they expected us to go to college....more

Real Food: How Changing My Food Changed My Life!

I have recently written about my oldest son Joe Cool, and how he is growing up way too fast,  and The Genius, and how he is now enrolled in College, and I have even written about ...more