I'm the mom of a 6 year-old boy and a 4 year-old girl. We live in Seattle's Queen Anne neighborhood. I'm a travel writer for Trekaroo, a family travel site and a grad student. Also, I blog at my personal blog and at my review blog (

The heat has melted my brain

It's been 80 something here lately, which has melted...more


Due to a series of random circumstances, we ended up hosting my family for Easter lunch....more

Ethan's mom and Daniel's wife

I have a bunch of different identities these days, but the main ones are as Ethan's mom and Daniel's wife. Which is totally understandable and fine with me. Ethan and Daniel are 1) nice and 2) believe in being outgoing and talking to people and do not do things like try to get out of church without making eye contact with or speaking to anyone ....more

In which I behave irrationally and snap at my totally well-meaning husband

So, Daniel has a friend at church who has become his prayer partner. Once per week they send each other prayer requests. Daniel's email comes to my iPod, so I see these messages (yes, the prayer partner is aware that I see them) ....more

Tuesday randomness

I'm supposed to be editing a major article that I have due in two days....more

In which my husband is training for a major bike ride and I am getting tired just watching him.

When I first met Daniel 10 years ago, he was a single guy in his late 30s....more

Macaroni and cheese days

Four days left. Four days with just my baby and I at home during the day....more

Today in Seattle

Yesterday and the day before, I kept running across an article on Facebook about a mom who had left her young son in the car for a few minutes while she ran into a store (in a safe neighborhood, on a cool day). And friends and I discussed it yesterday while our kids played in the backyard....more

My tiny baby is 5.

I turned my back for a second and this ...more

In which I debate drinking before 9 AM. Oh, and the school year just needs to end already.

Ethan keeps coming home and telling me exactly how many days are left in the school year. Which leads me to believe his teacher may be as excited about the end of the year as I am....more