Carrien Blue

Wife of one, mom of 4, whom I home school, co-founder of, a non-profit caring for refugee communities and children at risk in northern Thailand and working to create a replicable model for financially self-sustaining orphanages. I write about parenting, faith, food, marriage, my journey toward strength and what we can do to change the plight of children all over the world.

Please, No Photos

I probably shouldn't have tried to go to the mall after art class yesterday. (Hooray, homeschool coop has an art teacher now!) Dek was doing that early stages of fussy thing he does when he needs a nap and clouds were gathering in the distance. But it's been weeks since I took the kids to the store ....more

Dek is 1

Dear little boy, The day you were born. ...more

My Dad's Example

When I was younger I went to one of those church leadership types of schools that had no grades and was basically a series of week long seminars. There were people of all ages, from many different parts of the world, and we lived in a motel near the church, 3 to a suite. (In my later years I think that money would have been better spent on a plane ticket over seas, but that would ignore the fact that I did experience a great deal of personal growth during this time, mostly through my interaction with some of the people who were there.)One of the things that we did as part of our "ministry training" was go out and spend time talking to all the street kids that flocked to that city in the summer ....more

One Year Reflections

Our one year anniversary in Thailand came and went more than a month ago. I think we were in the middle of hosting volunteers and dealing with gastro intestinal issues, something we do on a fairly regular basis living here, so we didn't even mark the occasion until later.We've been here one whole year! I've barely blogged.* There are dozens of hundreds of unfinished stories to tell ....more

The Blessing of Water

After rainy season comes dry season. Gradually the rain peters out, and suddenly you realize that it's been a few weeks since it has rained at all, and then a few months. It may rain once or twice during this season, what we call winter, because it's cool, but not very much.Then comes hot season ....more

An Embarrassment of Riches

She carefully hands me the coins she has swept up from the corners of my bedroom, this change I didn't even notice was missing. The way she holds them and places them in my hands tells me that she would notice. Her life is so hardscrabble and close to the edge compared to mine that these few coins would make a difference for her.I make the girl fold and put away their own clothes, sort out all the tangle that they just stuff onto their shelves repeatedly ....more

Faery Swap - A book review

One of the awesome things about the internet is that it makes it possible for you to be friends with so many people you might not meet in real life. Like a former rocket scientist and aerospace engineer turned speculative fiction author. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything that I have read that Susan Kaye Quinn has written ....more


You guys, I have a confession to make. I'm a little embarrassed about it, to tell the truth. I'm worried you won't understand ....more


If you want to adapt quickly to a subtropical climate I highly recommend showing up 7 months pregnant at the height of the hot season and live without air conditioning. Half an hour after Dek was born, just after I got out of the shower I felt something I had almost forgotten existed, a chill. It was still pretty warm out, but that early morning air for the first time felt comfortably cool ....more

It's on me

He took me out for ice cream for my birthday, trying on phrases in the same way he’s trying on manhood for the first time this year. “It’s on me,” he says in the card. He’ll pay, with money he earned ....more